PS5 Delivers USB Storage Options at First Major Update

  • Lots of interesting new features added to the first PS5 update…

This is the first major update from Sony to owners of PlayStation 5 consoles. This update is huge as a first major from Sony, and it is meant to deliver several enhancements to gamers all around the world.

Even though there are few things to be happy about regarding the new update, users are somehow disappointed in other areas, and some have labeled the PS5 storage update something of a letdown.

Since the updated FAQ shows a series of restrictions regarding what the USB drives can work within the feature, and that it is limited to backup duties, some owners of PS5 are not happy with the update.

If you have USB storage plugged into your PS5 console, you can transfer downloaded games to the external USB storage. You can’t download games directly to the USB drive. The statement from Sony says that you can “seamlessly copy your PS5 games back to the console’s internal storage when you are ready to play the game.

It is usually faster than downloading from the internet or from the DVD drive. But the games you keep in your extended storage will automatically update when it is the right time. They usually remain ready to play after a fast transfer back to the primary storage.

Ps5 Console
Ps5 Console

Sony still plans to support storage expansion via M.2 drives but that is reserved for the future.

However, the new major update has the interesting social feature that allows cross-generation Share-Play feature which enables PS4 and PS5 players to Share Play and that allows PS4 console owners to get a feel of what PS5 games are like. PS5 gamers will also be able to try out PS4 capabilities.

Another good feature is the Join Your friend’s joinable game sessions. There is also a tweaked Game Base menu for quicker access to important features. It is also important to note that the PlayStation App on Android and iOS has been updated with lots of new features.

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