Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 (PES 21) APK + OBB Download For Android & iOS

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 (PES 21) now eFootball PES 2021, is a mobile game that can be played on Android and iOS devices. The game can run on Android and iOS with the help of the OBB file. This game enables the user to play league matches, participate in daily matches, and be rewarded with in-game coins or GP points, which can be used to unlock the best performing players.

PES 21 comes with the latest season kits, best graphics, full commentary, up to date player transfers, and all those features that you love. In this article, you will get a much better understanding of not just what makes PES 21 good but also the better features found on the latest upgrades done to the game in January 2021.

Efootball Pes 2021
Efootball Pes 2021

Introduction to Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 (PES 21)

If you visit Google PlayStore, you can see that the game is called eFootball PES 2021. This entertainment is brought to you by Konami, a Japanese entertainment and gaming company. The company is known for its dynamic involvement in many sectors of the Japanese economy. The most vibrant part of the business which is not worldwide is the provision of video games for worldwide fans.

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According to the company, “the core concept of PES is defined by the type of heart-stopping thrills that can only be experienced when facing off against real people in real-time.”

Pes 2021
Pes 2021

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The company said that is the reason for adjusting the name of the game to eFootball PES 2021. They have taken the same critically acclaimed console gameplay that won the E3 2019’s Best Sports Game award and distilled its essence to bring fans around the world the most authentic mobile soccer experience to date.

Konami made an update to the game on the 12th of January 2021 (v5.1.0). Please check the version that you want to download to see if you have the latest file. It is good to download only the latest PES 21 because bugs would have been fixed, and your game files will be less vulnerable to viruses.

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Pes 2013 New Graphic
How it looked in the past

Problems you may encounter when downloading PES 21

Not having enough space on your Android or iOS device could be a big issue. The PES 21 is about 1.9 GB. Do you have that much space on an Android or iOS device? You will need more space than that if your game will run smoothly.

Not having a good internet connection could also be another problem when you want to download the PES 21. Not having a good internet connection will mean that the download will stop at intervals. You may be wasting data and still not be able to download the game files. It is highly recommended that you make use of a Wi-Fi that has strong signals when downloading the OBB file of PES 21.

Pes 2021
Pes 2021

Google PlayStore may not reveal the exact file size that you want to download. If you’re not sure, which is good at all times when you download the game; just wait for a little after the download has reached 100 percent to ensure that you have enough space to download the complete file.

Remember that you will need extra space for downloading updates that may appear at any time. So, don’t forget that making your download via Wi-Fi is absolutely recommended.

The following are the things that you will enjoy when you download PES 21.

Europe’s Finest Clubs

Play with Europe’s officially licensed clubs. Yes, you can have your way with the upper echelons of European football, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munchen, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, and many more.

Pes 21
Pes 21

Check Out Iconic Moment Series Players

There will be new additions added to the Iconic Moment Series, allowing you to enjoy and even recreate more magical moments from the careers of present and former football superstars.


New Player Packs

You’ve always been signing players. Now, you can still do that by means of new player packs. Head over to the SHOP, which allows you to sign Iconic Moments of versions of players like Messi, Ronaldo, Rashford, and others. Each of them comes with an Iconic Moment Series player, myClub Coins, an original menu theme, and two Black Ball Special Agents.

PES 21 Real-time online matches

Pes 21 Pitch
Pes 21 Pitch

You can play with friends and acquaintances whether new or far. The game’s features allow for local, and online multiplayer functionality. If your skills improve, you can then move up to take on the world in Matchday and various other competitive esports events that you can find on eFootball mode.

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Play with the legends

You can take the bold step of signing various legends to your squad. It could be D. Beckham, F. Totti, D. Maradona, S. Gerrard, G. Batistuta, F. Torres, and K. Rummenigge.


Featured players

The players who performed nicely during weekend matches will appear in the game as Featured Players. They have increased ratings, unique card designs, and in some instances additional skills.

Weekly live updates

The real-life matches being played around the world are monitored on a weekly basis and implemented in-game so that you can see what is happening around the world. The live update dashboard offers an interesting experience. Observe to see how these updates affect the various aspects of the game such as player Condition Ratings and team rosters.

Pes 21 Live Updates
Pes 21 Live Updates

Play online

You need the internet to play eFootball PES 2021. The connection must be strong enough for you to enjoy playing the game.

How to download eFootball PES 2021 Mobile Apk, data, OBB on your Android/iOS

To download and set up PES 21, simply click here to download the eFootball Apk app with its OBB file directly from Playstore. While iPhone users can get the PES 21 here.

How to install PES 21 on Android

Pes 21 On Android
Pes 21

If you have downloaded the PES 2021 from sources other than Playstore, then you will need to install it manually. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Zarchiver app
  2. Use Zarchiver to locate obb PES 2021 Mobile RAR file
  3. Click on the OBB RAR file
  4. Go to device Memory
  5. Click Android folder
  6. While in the Android folder, click the OBB folder
  7. Click the Extract icon which looks like an arrow pointing downwards
  8. Obb RAR file of PES 2021 Mobile eFootball will be successfully extracted when it reaches 100 percent
  9. Finally, locate and install PES 2021 Apk

Pes 21 Faces
Pes 21 Faces


There are many reasons why you should try the PES 21. There are several aspects of the game that are now updated. Club strips, national team strips, club emblems, player portraits, manager portraits, and several bug issues have been fixed. Yes, enjoy the very best of high-intensity eSports gameplay for 2021.

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