Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (PES 18 / 19) Kits & Logo – Complete Guide

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We will be walking you through the process of changing your Pro Evolution Soccer 2018/2019 Kits as well as Logo (Pes 18/19 Kits). The Pro Evolution Soccer is a very good football game and one of the best football games out there. However, there is always one thing that sets it apart from the from its competitor – FIFA which a lot of people would attest to – the kits and logo are usually not what you expect. Now, if you’re already used to PES and have played previous PES versions then the Man Red and Man blue wouldn’t be confusing to you as you already know it stands for Manchester United and Manchester City respectively. On the other hand, if you’re a first timer then you would find the naming pattern a little bit confusing.

This is because PES does not have the appropriate license to use the real names of the clubs as well as the official jerseys of the same clubs. Due to this, they changed the name of the clubs and also gave them new jerseys, different from the official ones. This has been the PES tradition for some time now and doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon. Now, playing the game like is also an option, however, some people, especially some fans of PES like the attention to details and would like to get the official jersey and real club names on the game. Well, this is possible.

If you’re making use of a PC to play the PES 2018/2019 then you can simply download any custom options file or m0d from the internet, install it and boom, you have the official kits and real clubs names. If you’re gaming with a console then it better be a ps4 as the method below is exclusive for the ps4 console and Xbox One users will have to keep playing the game like that till a solution for the Xbox comes up. If you’re using the ps4 then you’re in luck and can simply follow the steps below to get the official kits, club names, and logos.


How To Change Pro Evolution Soccer 2018/2019 Kits and Logo – PES 18/19 Kits

  • First things first, you’ll need to download the PES Kits and Logo 2018/2019 from any of the links provided below.

PES 18/19 Kits And Logo For Arsenal FC

  • https://go.TechReen.com/81g0i

PES 18/19 Kits And Logo For Birmingham City

  • 1971/72 – https://go.TechReen.com/7nkq3
  • 1977/78: https://go.TechReen.com/tmibc

PES 18/19 Kits And Logo For Manchester United

  • Manchester United 1998-99 Remastered: https://go.TechReen.com/d7h1c
  • Manchester United 2007-08 Remastered: https://go.TechReen.com/r8gp2
  • Manchester United 2009-10 Remastered: https://go.TechReen.com/z8smi
  • Manchester United 2010-11: https://go.TechReen.com/4x5ak

PES 18/19 Kits And Logo For Newcastle United

  • Newcastle United 1995-96 Remastered: https://go.TechReen.com/qtbrc

PES 18/19 Kits And Logo For Ipswich Town

  • Ipswich Town 1981-82: https://go.TechReen.com/fokm1

PES 18/19 Kits And Logo For AS Roma

  • AS Roma 1992-93: https://go.TechReen.com/ofu40

PES 18/19 Kits And Logo For FC Barcelona

  • FC Barcelona 2010-11: https://go.TechReen.com/c23rz

PES 18/19 Kits And Logo For Real Madrid

  • Real Madrid 2001-02 Remastered: https://go.TechReen.com/knyau

PES 18/19 Kits And Logo For AC Milan

  • AC Milan 1988-89: https://go.TechReen.com/0km3r

– After downloading the file, Extract the file to a USB Stick and make sure you don’t edit a thing in the WEPES folder. You should also know that the USB Stick needs to be in FAT32 Format for it to be recognized by the PS4.

– Turn on your PS4 and go to Settings >> System Management >> Saved Data >> Pes 2018. From here, Mark/Tick the “Edit data” and delete it. If you’ve edited anything in your PES 2018 game then you can skip this process.

– Run the PES 2018 game, Navigate to Extras and Click on Edit.

– On the Next Screen, Hit Yes to create Edit Data and wait for it to be created.

– After that, Scroll down to Data Management, Click on it and Select the Import/Export option.

– Select Import Team and Select all the files by pressing the Box button on your controller then hit next. On the next screen, only mark “Overwriting image files of the same name” then select Ok. This process takes time so you’ll have to wait for it to be completed and make sure your PS4 doesn’t turn off during this process.

– Once it is done importing it, hit the okay button and press the Circle button on the Controller to return to the data management screen and save the progress as the game is known to sometimes crash during this process which will result in you starting all over again.

– After saving, Go to Import Competition, Select all files and Mark/Tick only the “Overwriting image file of the same name” and hit okay.


– After this process is done, Save it and you’ve officially gotten the PES 18/19 kits, logos and Competitions emblem. No more Man Red and Man Blue ever again event when Playing online.


That’s how to get the PES 18/19 kits on your PS4. If you have an Xbox one then you’ll have to make do the Man Red and Man blue kinda names till a solid comes up for it. Alternatively, you can a FIFA 19 game which the full licensed kits, logos and Competitions emblem.


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