Predictcoin – A Decentralized Crypto Assets Price Prediction DAO

Predictcoin is a cryptocurrency or token on the Binance Smart Chain that’s building a platform where users or PREDers can predict the prices of crypto assets, which will be visible and accessible to everyone.

In recent times, the cryptocurrency industry has had a massive boom even with the fact that the industry is so young. Despite the wide level of adoption, the crypto market can sometimes be overwhelming for newbies who are just venturing into cryptocurrency for the first time and even regular traders. The market can be extremely volatile but you should know that the past performance of some coins does indicate future performance.

In order to trade, users have to constantly monitor the state of the market and this can be time-consuming sometimes. Predictcoin promises to take the hassle of watching the markets all the time away from the users and into the rivers where it belongs.

Predictcoin is a crypto assets price prediction DAO, the platform will allow PREDers to stake, farm, and predict the prices of their favorite cryptocurrencies at a near time for the world to see.

While most prediction sites typically use machine learning to filter through a broad set of data to make the best predictions for you, Predictcoin uses experts. Although machine learning has been quite useful in predicting some market prices, its application to cryptocurrency price prediction has been somewhat uncertain. Primarily because crypto prices can be affected by a number of factors like economic problems, political issues, competition, technological advancement, etc.

With Predictcoin, experts in the crypto space offer predictions based on their years of experience and ranked depending on how successful they are. The project promises transparency and all predictions will be posted publicly for the world to see.

Predictcoin will have a point-based system attached to every user profile. Users on the platform who are generally called PREDers with the most accurate predictions are ranked based on the point system and also rewarded. With this information, you can always look out for your best PREDer to make informed decisions before carrying out any action on the coin.

The developers are working on making Predictcoin very user-friendly for newbies who are just venturing into the crypto space. With price predictions offered by other expert PREDers, it is very easy to know which coin to buy and when to sell.

Apart from price prediction, Predictcoin is also packed with other features. You can also stake, farm, and vote on the platform through DApp – a decentralized web app for staking, farming, voting, and predicting crypto assets. DApp works on both mobile and desktop and you can easily connect any of your crypto wallets to the platform.

The developers are now focusing on the second phase of their roadmap after successfully completing the first phase, and deploying the codes to their Github. The second phase will start with an initial coin offering and audits of the project and its smart contracts.

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