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In the bid to keep our readers, guests and other beautiful people updated on the rate and strength of our country Nigeria’s currency against other currencies of the world, we have concocted this article on Black market Pounds to Naira Exchange rate today.


Before anything else, it is noteworthy to state that just incase you are interested in knowing the updated exchange value or rate of the Naira against the Dollar in the Black Market as well, click HERE and have your needs fulfilled.

Black market Pound to Naira Exchange rate today

Now, moving on, it shouldn’t sound strange to the ears if I say the Naira has been on its worst stride of value ever. And with factors like decline in global oil price, failed or non-effective Government policy, hoarding of foreign currency by Bureau de Change operators, high rate of importation, Nigerians preference for foreign goods, looting of public funds by politicians and other government workers amongst others still in place, the future of the Naira is super hazy. The future is so bleak and our dear Naira has quite a number of a storm to weather before entering the “land of the stables”.

With the reasons for the present state of the Naira being given above, moving on to the Black market Pounds to Naira Exchange rate today would be appropriate.

The figures below show the Black market Pounds to Naira exchange rate today (July 2018).

  • N474 – to buy £1
  • N480 – to sell £1

CBN Rate of 1 GBP (POUNDS) To NGN (NAIRA) Today

  • N406/GBP

What this simply means is that Black-market operators would buy your Pounds Sterling (if you have any to sell) at the rate of N474 per Pounds.

On the other hand, if you have some needs that require the Great Britain Pounds (GBP), Black-market operators will fulfill your need as long as you pay them N480 per Naira you for each Dollar you need.



Date Naira Per Euro
SEPTEMBER 2016 N413 – N405
AUGUST 2016 N420 – N409
JULY 2016 N314 – N420
JUNE 2016 N286 – N375
MAY 2016 N290 – N288
APRIL 2016 N284 – N290
March 2016 N280 – N285

Keep checking this platform regularly to get updates on the conditions, rate and other information regarding the Black market Pounds to Naira Exchange rate.

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