Pokémon Go Bouncing Back with Cute Features Fans Love


Players have been waiting for it and now Pokémon Go has it. Now players have access to what they have been demanding from Pokémon Go for years. Players can now battle themselves. This is a thrilling thought.

Niantic, the company that is responsible for connecting Pokémon to Nintendo Switch just announce that this feature will soon arrive and players can relish the prospects. It has been about two and a half years since players have been asking to have this feature. The developer said that trainer battles will soon arrive on the game.

Even thought Niantic is yet to explain how this new prospect of player playing games with player will go, we already know that despite player-versus player which is also known as Pvp battles had been a major part of the traditional Pokémon games, Pokémon Go has been more about exploration and catching wild monsters.

However, Niantic recently revealed on Twitter that player versus player battles coming soon in a bid to satisfy the wishes of the games’ most dedicated fans after two and a half years.

Accordingly, those who are familiar with the game know that battles between trainers have been a major part of the game till 2016 and have been missing since then. It is said that this absence was the core criticism that veterans of Pokémon held against the platform.

Battles between Pokémon trainers have always been a core component of traditional Pokémon games, but have been missing from “Pokémon Go” since the game launched in July 2016. In fact, their absence was one of the core criticisms that longtime Pokémon fans held against the mobile game.

Niantic is claiming now that players will be able to go head to head directly with other players, instead of offering players the chance to show off their most prized pocket monsters by letting them guard the in-game gyms.

We don’t know when this new feature will arrive and we don’t even know how it will work. Probably, this game will be able to have four attacks as it used to back in the days, as against the two it has now.

Probably, this is the time for old players who left to return and have their gaming life spiced off.