How To Play PlayStation 5 Games On A PlayStation 4 Console


Sadly, brand new PlayStation 5 consoles are very hard to find nowadays, however, this is not to say that users cannot play PS5 games like Returnal and Ratchet & Clank on the PS4 whenever they feel like. The good news is that you can still make it happen anytime you want even if there are very important requirements.

The things you’ll need are basically a PlayStation 4, a friend with a PlayStation 5 console, and you’ll both need PlayStation Plus subscriptions. Asides from all that, you’ll also need lots of patience. The truth is that making this happen is not exactly seamless, but it is very possible thanks to the new “SharePlay” feature for PlayStation.

SharePlay was first launched for PlayStation 4 in 2014, and it simply allows you to beam a game from your PlayStation onto a friend’s PlayStation. Your friend will then be able to see you play, take over the controller, or join a multiplayer session, even when they do not own a copy of the game in question. The launch came with a few restrictions like sub-optimal streaming resolutions and 60-minute session limits, however, it still had a general satisfactory reaction.


Fast forward to April 2021, in the recent PlayStation 5 update, Sony included cross-gen support for Share Play and users have been taking advantage since then to satisfy their gaming desires. Want to join in the fun right about now? See How To Play PS5 Games On A PlayStation 4 Console:

Play PS5 Games On PlayStation 4
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How Can I Play PS5 Games On A PlayStation 4 Console Via SharePlay?

Before anything else, you (the PS5 owner) and your buddy (the PS4 owner) have to be registered for PS Plus. Sony even recommended a minimum upload speed of 2Mbps, but we’ll suggest you target 5Mbps to guarantee a seamless and better-looking experience.

Simply start up a party chat with your friend, from there, hit the “PS” button and tap on the party chat display card. Tap “start share screen” and choose “start share play,” 2 options will then be visible to you:

1. Play A Game With A Visitor:

This option lets you play a multiplayer game by, more or less, mirroring the framework of local multiplayer between both of your PlayStations. Pls note that the game must support this feature for it to work.

2. Visitor Plays As You:

Basically, you’ll be “passing” your controller to the other player. He’ll be able to play (through video streaming) any game from your PS5 console as if you are in the same environment, but with your account. See it like this, you take your console to your friend’s house, except through the powers of the internet, instead of actually taking it there physically.

Play PS5 Games On PlayStation 4
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Are there restrictions? Yes. If the game you wish to share is not available through PlayStation Store in your friend’s geographical region, sharing the game with such a person will be impossible. Also, Share Play can only be activated with one person at a time, so if you have several gaming heads as friends, they’ll need to wait their turns.

There you go, we just made it possible for you to play PS5 games on a PlayStation 4 console, you’re welcome.

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