PIHEN Multi-Function Electronic Timer – TickTime for Various Occasions


Teens and young adults have a lot in common with this gadget. PIHEN Multi-Function Electronic Timer can be appropriate for many situations. It is good for setting a timer in six predefined times.

It is good for use in the home, in the kitchen and in the bedroom, and it is also good for sporting exercises. There are other uses too, as we will see below. However, here is the basic rule- wherever and whenever you must keep track of your time, this product will save you a lot of stress.

PIHEN Multi-Function Electronic Timer Keeps You Focused


Too much to do in too little time, you may say, but the electronic timer helps you to find your focus. Just make sure you make use of it as a countdown or a count-up timer, whichever you want.

The smooth design helps you to set it easily, and begin to spend time doing what you want to without worrying whether you would miss a thing. This latest digital timer has been referred to as the time manager for achieving a higher quality of life, and as such, it becomes an essential partner that some people take with them anywhere they go.

Salient Features of PIHEN Multi-Function Digital Timer

  • Adjustable volume
  • Silent mode
  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • Flip and switch mode
  • Adjustable timer
  • Magnetic surface. Compact size
  • Patent design
Pihen Electronic Timer
Pihen Electronic Timer

PIHEN Multi-Function Electronic Timer Usage

  1. Home and Office work – if you’re on a tight timescale, and you want to spend specific time doing some chores. TickTime is best for your time management process.
  2. Exercise – the digital timer allows you to set targets during your gym sessions. It is able to record all your jog, sprints, and rows, or what have you, so you can see the pace you’re setting.
  3. Gaming – have you been using sandglass or egg timer for your games? Now is the time to switch to an alternative and see which works best for you. Take your turns in all the games you love to play without trouble.
  4. Cooking – the PIHEN Multi-Function Electronic Timer also has its own place in the kitchen. Don’t worry about how long this or that food has been on the fire. Remember that this is a multi-functional timer. Set timer for pizza, soufflé, and others and the digital timer will tell when you need to take action.

How to Use the Multi-Function Electronic Timer

  1. To make a countdown, flip to the desired number and make sure that side faces up. The minutes will count down to zero, then you know time is up.
  2. To adjust the volume, push V+ to increase the volume, and V- to decrease the volume. Down entirely means you activated the silent mode.
  3. You can stop the alarm, make sure TickTime is in a standing position. The LED light will face up.
  4. To turn it off, hold on to both buttons for 3 seconds.
Pihen Multifunction Electronic Timer 1
Pihen Multifunction Electronic Timer 1

Price of PIHEN Multi-Function Electronic Timer

You can get it at varying prices on Amazon. Take a look and purchase it at either $39.99 or at a price of $41.99. There’s no difference in the makeup of the gadget, just price differences from several sellers.


This is a really nice gadget if you do many things every day and you need to be productive. Of course, compared to a smartphone battery life, the battery inside it can last up to three days. It is very reliable so go get it. It works better than Mechanical Timers or Pomodoro timers that can sometimes be distracting or inaccurate.

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