Palm – mini-smartphone wants to become a smartphone companion


Smartphones have grown in recent years sizes that you can not really describe as really handy. Gone are the days when you had a decent storage option even with smaller trouser pockets. But there are situations where you do not actually need the smartphone, at least not always. Palm starts here (has nothing to do with the well-known Palm). A smartphone as an accessory for the smartphone, so to speak.

As a 3.3-inch device presents the Palm, which actually has regarding equipment smartphone ambitions. The specifications read like a mini-edition of a smartphone, but without looking old-fashioned:

Processor Qualcomm® 435 processor. Octa-core CPU
display 3.3 “HD Display – 445 ppi high pixel density LCD
Glass Impact resistant front and rear Corning Gorilla Glass
Cameras 12MP rear camera with flash + 8MP front camera
Construction Crafted billet aluminum mid-frame
Durability IP68 water and dust resistant
Memory 3 GB of RAM / 32 GB of storage
Battery 800mAh non-removable battery
All-day battery life *, 3+ day standby time
Audio Dual-purpose speaker
sensor G-Sensor, Glonass GPS, Proximity, E-compass, Gyro
Connectivity 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.2 low energy
WLAN 802.11 b / g / n (2.4GHz)
Non-removable nano-SIM
OS Android 8.1
Security Face unlock
Dimensions 50.6 x 96.6 x 7.4mm
Weight 62.5 grams
Colors Available in titanium and gold

The Palm syncs with Android smartphones or the iPhone, the main devices do not even have to be nearby. Equipped with two cameras and Android 8.1 (including Assistant) is basically a full-fledged smartphone available. Less distraction, reduced to the essentials, with special features for quick use.

And the Palm can also turn something off. It is protected from water and dust, so it can also accompany more robust activities. Also exciting is the Life mode, which disables all notifications when the smartphone is not actively used. This mode also achieves a battery life for the whole day. Disabling this mode, the Palm can only use about 8 hours.

Now the question is whether there is a target group for such devices. HTC has tried something like this before, in a time when everyone has talked about “too big” smartphones (which were not that big in comparison to today).

When the Palm will be available, is currently not communicated. Likewise still missing a price. I find the product interesting nevertheless. Maybe for those who do not have a smartwatch. Or, for example, look for the weekend a deceleration phone. I’m curious if this will prevail, but do not think so right. You can register on the product page if you are interested.