Pakistan reopened TikTok after negotiations


After negotiations with TikTok and received a commitment to content, Pakistan canceled the ban of TikTok.

After receiving the guarantee from TikTok, Telecommunication Authority (PTA – Telecommunication Authority of Pakistan) has unlocked the application after 10 days of banning. The regulator said TikTok made sure that accounts repeatedly involved in the spread of obscene and immoral content would be locked. Additionally, the app will censor domestic content according to local laws.

Pta's Statement Regarding The Tiktok Unlocking Issue
Pta’s Statement Regarding The Tiktok Unlocking Issue

Previously on October 9, the PTA blocked TikTok on the grounds that this short video social network contained “immoral and indecent” content, and they warned earlier that this was the final warning for the application, TikTok side is given a considerable amount of time to resolve regulatory concerns but is not in compliance.

After the ban, TikTok issued a confusing statement, with an ambiguity guaranteeing that resources would be allocated to the Pakistani market in exchange for lifting the ban. The content of the statement is as follows- “If the Pakistani Government decides to allow the reopening of our services access in the future, we will certainly evaluate our resource allocation to this market. “.

A PTA official claimed TikTok management was informed during an online meeting that compliance with the regulator’s guidelines is important. According to estimates, TikTok has been installed about 43 million times in Pakistan, with 14.7 million of which this year alone.