OyaWatch – Nigeria’s 1st Indigenous TV App Arrives


Nigerians are happy at being able to download an online mobile television app called OyaWatch TV. It is the first of its kind in that it is a fully Nigerian-made downloadable TV app for watching both national and international content.

The immediate takeaway is that this app is suitable for all devices and smart TV, and as such, it is a pacesetter.

The app offers the first service of its kind by making it possible for users to consume high-quality live programs such as news, sport, entertainment, and documentaries. Programs will be available in English, French, Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo languages.

At the rollout of the app, guests remarked on how laudable this accomplishment is. Some described the app as a revolution in Nigerians’ capacity to view media content from now on. Others remarked on how easy it is to navigate through the various channels when using the app.

IntraDot Ltd., OyaWatch TV owners, said that it is a subscription-based streaming service, and it is available on all app stores. It is important for bringing the television experience closer to users who can now watch any of their favorite TV programs at their convenience.

Staff Of Oyawatch Explaining The Product To A Customer
Staff Of Oyawatch Explaining The Product To A Customer

With the OyaWatch TV app, anyone can watch programs and shows from any location by just placing their devices on their palms. It means that they can watch TV even where TV is not found. Having a smartphone makes all that possible.

There are so many program genres to enjoy, such as sports, news, lifestyle, entertainment, music, movies, kiddies, and others. The name of the app, ‘Oya,’ which means ‘instant,’ suggests that entertainment can be watched instantly.

The company claims that it is on a mission to make the best global and local media/entertainment experience available to everyone in Nigeria. Families will benefit, for there will be abundant family-oriented entertainment, while others too can benefit.

The app has a 24-hour catch-up so that if users miss the news, they can rewind and enjoy their favorite news anytime.


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