Other Smartphones Shine, But this Device will Steal the Show in 2022


As much as we know, Samsung is still the leading smartphone seller in the world and it is even happy at what the Galaxy S10 is doing in the market now. Note 10 is also doing amazingly well. These two smartphones are currently rated among the best phones of 2019. Yet, there is the much anticipated Galaxy S11 which has details pouring in fast over the internet and people are eager to see the details. We have heard people say that the S11 will be a major upgrade on Galaxy S10 and Note 10. Just how much of an upgrade that will mean is yet to be seen.

The problem now is that people are wondering if they should wait and see how the saga of the S11 pans out before they upgrade, or if they could just keep the faith and upgrade to either S10 or Note 10. For some, anticipation may not let wait for as long as they should have.

Innovation has been trailing the all new Galaxy S11. There is the anticipation of a phone (Galaxy S11) that insider experts believe will be the new beginning of some sort of innovation. How will this phone compare to previous flagship Samsung phones?


Galaxy S11 Set for Innovation

Deep Fusion is the paramount technology that fans hope will occur for the S11. This technology will make pictures and videos look better. It is also something that iPhone 11 Pro may receive in due course. Regarding it, Apple has described the innovation as computational photography mad science. Apple believes that this will be a big deal for AI-based image processing.

Already, Google has been making use of a technology known as night mode, as it is believed that the smartphone lens is unable to see everything when it comes to colors. However, some colors and details are filled in using computational expectations of missing details. For Google, it was a success so much that a Pixel phone that sells much lower than an iPhone could perform better than iPhone, (though expensive) in low light conditions. Deep Fusion is expected to take this innovation to newer heights as what obtains right now pales to what will as far as the technology is concerned in the future.


Google may decide to make use of this innovation in the upcoming Pixel 4 which the company indicated will land in October.


iPhone 11

Deep Fusion for iPhone 11

Apple has also been talking about Deep Fusion, somehow indicating that the technology will not arrive with iPhone 11. So, owners of the device will not look forward to getting it as they purchase their smartphones.  However, toward the end of October, iPhone, like Google, may decide to offer the innovation to the owners iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. Apple in most cases is known for not quickly warming up to innovative releases. How soon it will release Deep Fusion on its latest devices is not something we can be sure of.

The Pressure Mounts on Samsung

Of course, this is another avenue for the great Samsung to further extend its lead over other smartphone manufacturers. Already, the Galaxy S11 is in the works and we can’t really tell if it will be released this year or in the early part of 2020. One thing is sure, no matter what innovation Apple and Google are bring regarding Deep Fusion, since these are coming earlier, Samsung can build on it and make the Galaxy S11 another champion.