Original Series, Superstitions debuts today on Netflix

Superstitions is another original series that debuts today on Netflix and tells the story of a family with supernatural powers struggling to keep their small southern village safe from sinister spirits and possessions of the beyond.


Calvin Hastings (Brad Jones) returns home after his last military detachment in Afghanistan, and although his mother, Bea (Robinne Lee) eagerly receives him back into the fold, his father Isaac (Mario Van Peebles) is not so tempted.

Calvin is away from the family business 16 years ago, after the death of his brother more new Arlo (portrayed by Myles Truitt in a flashback). Calvin feels responsible, and a particularly tense moment between father and son reveals that Isaac agrees. But they barely had time to dive into this story when current events pull them out of the past – Sheriff May Westbrook (Demetria McKinney) is investigating a past scene with a snake in the church that left several dead on the scene. Like the (known) funeral home in the city and the (unknown) protectors against all supernatural things, the Hastings family goes to work.

Calvin and Isaac fight against a possessed human with a forked tongue and lizard eyes, while Sheriff Westbrook finds an old coin. Hastings and the super-impressive gothic forensic scientist Tilly (Tatiana Zappardino) – whose statistics are third only to Isaac and Bea’s – deduce that the coin (one of the thirteen) is from an ancient serpent cult, and Bea performs a mystical Nubian practice to locate the other 12. The Man In Black, the infernal who seems to be the main villain and guardian of these coins, then breaks Hastings’ protections and curses, leaving her bedridden for the rest of the episode, delicate lines of black venom running. through your arms and face.

It is best to watch because the series is available from today on Netflix.

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