Orico DUK-7P Charging Station – our review


Now that smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches accompany us in the hectic everyday life, recharging them starts to get more complicated. This is because the technological devices we need to increase more and more, while the charging sockets always remain the same.

There are those who take advantage of all the sockets available at home and those who have purchased one or more slippers to avoid leaving devices scattered around their homes. Have you ever thought about buying a charging station? An all-in-one solution that allows you to recharge multiple devices using just one accessory.

We have been using the Orico power station DUK-7P for several weeks. Thanks to this product we were able to get rid of several loaders that occupied all the sockets placed in our office. Is it worth buying it? We’ll tell you right away!


Packaging – Rating 8

Like any accessory of this type, the sales packaging of the charging station by Orico is also simple and complete at the same time. The package allows you to understand immediately what are the peculiarities of the product (which we will see shortly).

Inside we find the power station, of course, a power cord with a European socket 140 cm long and a booklet of instructions in Chinese and English. Too bad for the lack of charging cables, which other competing products have instead.


Design and materials – 10 rating

The object, made entirely of high-quality plastic, measures 172 x 106 x 83 mm for a weight of 550 grams. As you can see from the attached images, it has a simple and clean design. The upper part, which allows you to position up to 7 devices at the same time, is light gray while the lower part is white.


On the latter, we find the 7 USB inputs, heat dissipation slots, the input for the power cable and a convenient button to turn on and off the Orico DUK-7P charging station. Finally, there are four rubber-coated feet underneath that guarantee excellent grip on any surface.

Quality of the office – 10th grade

Using this power station is very simple- all you have to do is connect it to the power outlet and press the power button. Thanks to the 7 USB ports capable of delivering a total power up to 70 W you will no longer have any recharging problem. Every smartphone, tablet or another technological device will be loaded as quickly as possible.

Also worthy of note is the implementation of a technology developed ad hoc (and used today by many companies) able to improve recharge and reduce heat generation at the same time. Each USB port is in fact characterized by a system capable of “analyzing” the connected device and developing the optimal current.


As reported at the beginning of the article we are in an increasingly hi-tech world in which cables and cables begin to create confusion. Buying a charging station could be ideal for those who want to keep everything in order. The Orico power station DUK-7P as well as having an elegant design, to work as promised also has an affordable cost and is often the protagonist of interesting offers.