OPPO Enco X Comes with Dual-Core Noise Cancellation Chipset

Oppo Enco X
Oppo Enco X

Yesterday, OPPO held a product launch conference for the new Smart Life line, the device is the OPPO Enco X earphone which is also known for its specifications and price!

Reporting from the Sparrow News page (20/10), the OPPO product manager said the position of OPPO Enco X is a measure of the sound quality of wireless headphones. OPPO collaborates with a well-known Danish audio brand called Dynaudio, which tunes the OPPO Enco X device to create a truly natural sound.

The OPPO Enco X earphone device is equipped with a DBEE3.0 sound system that brings Hi-Fi audio to the user’s ears. In terms of acoustic structure, the Enco X device innovatively introduces a superconducting magnetic planar diaphragm unit, a three-layer composite large dynamic coil unit, and a coaxial dual unit design; while supporting LHDC’s high bit rate transmission to retain more sound detail with higher bandwidth.

To reduce noise, Enco X comes with the latest chip of dual-core noise cancellation, which not only provides significant active noise canceling ANC; but also performs multi-stage noise reduction, which can switch between strong and weak noise reduction modes according to different environments, the device is also equipped with a one-button switch transparent mode function, which makes the noise reduction experience more user-friendly.

Apart from that, noise reduction technology is also present when earphones are used for making phone calls, allowing users to have a clear and transparent calling experience even in noisy environments. Equally important, the device is equipped with wireless charging so that users can charge on the go.

Another feature of OPPO Enco X is that it supports the use of Bluetooth 5.2 and is compatible with Android and iOS. The device also supports use for one or two ears, so that users can use only one device or a pair of devices easily.

Lastly is the price of Enco X, because the new device was launched in China, of course, we just found out that the price in that country is sold at RMB 999. The rupiah exchange rate per day of this news is published is 2,195.56, which means that if it is sold it will be around Rp. Rp. 2.2 million which of course will be higher because it will be taxed.

But for more certain information, of course, we have to wait for official confirmation from the company regarding the presence of OPPO Enco X.

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