Oops! Security failure on PSN allows access to credit cards


It seems that the PlayStation Network may be the victim of yet another large-scale attack, which could leave the account of any user vulnerable to hacking… Especially the information of the associated cards!

Therefore, as you may know, PSN requires the ‘CVV’ security number when a user registers the credit card information in their account. Thus, according to the platform authentication model, when a user attempts to access his account from another console… PSN will request the CVV associated with the registered credit card.

Subsequently, the number provided will be compared to the number registered in the database, to complete the authentication process.

In short, this vulnerability allows hackers to gain access to their victims’ PSN account without providing the associated CVV code. This may not only give access to the account itself but also the associated payment information.

Interestingly, this flaw has existed for several years, and even there are already several victims of this process

Incidentally, Sony has known all this for a long time… But never took it seriously! According to MP1ST sources: “It is not a vulnerability of the consoles, it is a vulnerability of the PSN platform itself. Sony was warned for some time, but the company ignored it by saying there was no risk whatsoever. “Now look at the correspondence you’ve exchanged with Sony:

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that PSN security issues are discovered

If you are concerned, there are some steps you can take to avoid all this. Most important of all is to enable two-factor authentication. (This way, if someone tries to log into your account, it will be automatically notified.) In addition, you can also define a security question.

Sony has not yet commented on this matter… But it is likely that a statement will be made in the next few hours.

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