OnePlus 7 will not be the first smartphone with 5G brand


OnePlus has recently made several promises regarding its smartphone with 5G. Promises that, in a way, gave us little clues to what could become the future OnePlus 7.

This young Chinese company intends to be the first to put a 5G smartphone in Europe. In addition, Pete Lau had stated that it was his company’s intention to be the pioneer in this type of technology.

In that sense, it is OnePlus’s plan to put its smartphone with 5G connectivity on the market in the first half of 2019. So, everything beats right with the usual window of the company launches. Everything pointed out that the OnePlus 7 could be the first of the brand with 5G, although this has never been directly mentioned.

Well, in an interview with CNET, a spokesman for the company comes to clarify that the successor of the OnePlus 6T will not bring 5G connectivity. First, this spokesperson reaffirms that this smartphone will hit the market in early 2019.

OnePlus 7 will not be a smartphone with 5G connectivity

Second, the respondent states that the successor to the 6T will not have 5G connectivity. It should be noted that the spokesman never refers to the smartphone as OnePlus 7. For now, the Chinese company does not want to undo the mystery regarding its nomenclature.

Thirdly, it was mentioned that the Chinese company’s 5G smartphone will be a totally different model. This will be the first of a new line of equipment. One line will complement the OnePlus portfolio.

The reason for this decision is related to the selling price of your next top of the range. Consequently, it is not the company’s intention to further raise the value of the likely OnePlus 7. The idea is to keep its flagship killer motto.

However, this decision raises some doubts. What will onePlus add to these devices to justify a new line? Can 5G be the only justification for buying this smartphone? Or, on the other hand, will this new line be the vehicle for the company’s main innovations and technologies?

The answers to these questions will remain unknown for a while. I believe that in the near future more details will be revealed, but until then we can only speculate.