OnePlus 7: There are already dates when you can buy the new smartphone

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OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro will be unveiled on May 14th. However, this is never the date at which users have the possibility to scratch the card and ask for them.

According to the latest information, the new smartphones will be available for purchase on May 24. Soon after the official launch of the new mobile phones.

OnePlus 7 Pro will be the entrance of the brand in the segment of “big”

Like football, smartphones are also segmented by the “big” ones. Samsung, Apple, and Huawei are the ones that sell the most on our side of the planet. If we look at Asia we will see OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Huawei in the fight for the first place.

That is, OnePlus is not classified in any of them. Nevertheless, the OPPO sub-brand should be able to surprise with the OnePlus 7 Pro. The smartphone promises to be a serious competitor to the top of the range of the moment. Not only at the level of specifications and characteristics.

OnePlus has always been termed a “small business,” however, this may be about to change. Presenting two top-end smartphones is not for any company. OnePlus knows that it has to create more impact than it is doing right now. He knows that giving what fans want is not enough. You will have to reach out to more people and more countries in a stronger way. This is where OnePlus 7 Pro comes in. The “Pro” model will be a true top of the line that you will not have the typical excuses of ” for the price … “.

The values ​​of OnePlus 7 Pro will exceed 700 € for the less memory version. I remember that the first OnePlus One had the price to be around 350 €. Let’s finally see an aggressive OnePlus with a will to win. Let’s hope your smartphones do not have too many appointments.

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