OnePlus 7 Pro’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Hacked

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OnePlus 7 Pro has been recently launched in the market and it is marked as the best smartphone of 2019 by many tech companies worldwide. Coming to its specification, it is packed with triple rear camera, the latest version of Snapdragon processor, UFS 3.0, super fast charging and many amazing features.

When talking about security, OnePlus 7 Pro is equipped with an in-display fingerprint scanner. But one of the YouTuber has successfully managed to past the OnePlus 7 Pro’s in-display fingerprint scanner within a few minutes. The name of the YouTuber’s channel is Max Tech.

This YouTuber has implemented the old print molding hacking technique to unlock the fingerprint scanner security. There are also many other smartphones in the market which has been hacked using this technique. Earlier, Samsung S10’s fingerprint scanner has also been hacked by following this trick.

What Are The Steps That He Followed To Hack?

He put a drop of hot-glue on a piece of tinfoil and pressed his finger against the glue to take the impression of his finger on the glue. Next, he filled the tin foil with normal glue up to the brim and then he peeled it when it got dried to finally grab the fake fingerprint impression. He used this fake fingerprint impression to fool the OnePlus 7 Pro in-display fingerprint scanner. You can check out all the steps by seeing his official video.

He also implemented this trick to fool the Samsung S10’s ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner but it got failed. The hackers used 3D printed mold technique to fool the fingerprint scanner of Samsung’s flagship smartphones. This 3D printed mold technique is more complicated than using the tin foil and glues but this hack is more effective.

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