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OGWhatsApp Pro is a free MODified WhatsApp app that offers tons of premium features that WhatsApp messenger doesn’t. People around the world, especially WhatsApp Messenger users, have started to shift to its forked version. Probably because of the features and customization option it provides. We already know that WhatsApp has few restrictions and doesn’t offer many customization options, i.e., Privacy options, appearance customization, themes, etc. It doesn’t have these options as of now, but on the other hand, its MODified version comes with stunning features that are useful for users.

Also, it comes with a WhatsApp-like interface, and you can use all the features of WhatsApp in it. For example, Video calling, Text messaging, Voice calling, etc. Even you will get more control & settings for these features. OGWhatsApp Pro also contains a few fascinating features, i.e., Smart lock, Hide chat, Hide status view, Freeze last seen, and more. Well, in this article, you will learn about the OGWhatsApp Pro, and we will also provide you latest OGWhatsApp Pro APK download link. So, are you excited now? Let’s get started!

OGWhatsApp Pro Overview

OGWhatsApp Pro is a material designed WhatsApp MODified app which is made by a Russian developer Alex. It is no different from other MODS out there, i.e., YoWA, FMWA, GBWA, etc. But yes, it has some extra features and customization option that makes it unique. And most importantly, using this MOD, you can avoid all the restrictions of WhatsApp. Using OGWhatsApp Pro, you will send 90 images at a time, Copy Anyone’s status on your clipboard, Set the Group name up to 35 characters, Write more extended status (Upto to 250 words), and more such extended feature.


The most significant benefit of using it is you won’t get banned by WhatsApp Inc like other WhatsApp MODs. If you previously have used any WhatsApp MOD, then you probably aware of the Ban issue. Previously, WhatsApp was banning all its forked version that was using the API to run the MOD. And recently, different WhatsApp MODified app developers have also faced legal issues, and almost half of the WhatsApp MODs development is now stopped. Only a few developers are currently developing and working on WhatsApp MODs, and Alex from Russia is one. So, it is clear that OGWhatsApp Pro will continue to improve, and its use will also receive updates.

The notable thing is OGWhatsApp Pro is the only WhatsApp MODified app that doesn’t have faced any Ban issue till now. And now, it comes with a built-in Anti-ban feature that protects it from getting banned by the official WhatsApp. Overall, there is no competition for OGWhatsApp Pro, and it will continue to improve and provide more features. And so, you can trust it and use its various MODified features and customization options.

Download OGWhatsApp Pro Latest Version for Android

OGWhatsApp Pro Download

On the Play Store of Android, you will not find this WhatsApp MODified app because it violates the Privacy policy of the Store. And it is also an altered version of WhatsApp Messenger. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot download it on your phone. Here, we will provide you the OGWhatsApp Pro latest version download link and also guide you later to get started with it. Well, OGWhatsApp Pro is lightweight compared to other WhatsApp MODS. This means you will require fewer data to download, and it will also consume less storage space after installation. To save more storage space, you can also turn off some of its features that are useless for you.

Before we provide you the link, let me share its file details because that will ultimately help you download the APK file correctly.

File Information:

  • Name: OGWhatsApp Pro
  • Size: 48.5 Mb
  • Version: 8.25
  • Developer: Alex
  • Type: Social Media
  • Android Required: 5.0 and Up
  • Last Updated: 2 Jan 2020

OGWhatsApp Pro is also free to download & use, but you must have Android 5.0 to run it properly on your Android phone. Once you are done reading file information, you can follow the link below to download OGWhatsApp Pro.

OGWhatsApp Pro (48.5Mb)

How To Download OGWhatsApp Pro On Your Android Phone?

You have to be careful if you will download OGWhatsApp Pro on your phone because there is a security feature called Play Protect that strictly scans apps once it gets saved in the phone storage. To avoid any blocking issue, we recommend going into the Play Protect settings and turn off the app scanning security feature. After that, you can follow the below steps to download OGWhatsApp Pro on your Android.

  1. Firstly, make sure the built-in security feature of the Play Store is turned off. You can navigate to Play Store>Menu>Play Protect>Settings to check.
  2. Now, click here or the above download link to visit the Mediafire page where OGWhatsApp Pro is uploaded.
  3. Wait for the page to get completely loaded on your browser. Unless it gets fully loaded, you won’t see the download button.
  4. After that, click on the download button and wait for it to Ready & send the APK file to your browser.
  5. You will receive a download request. Before accepting that, make sure you verify it using the above-provided file information.
  6. Once the downloading starts to happen, wait on the download screen until it completes.
  7. That’s it.

Follow these steps carefully, and you will be able to download OGWhatsApp Pro safely. Now you have the file, let me help you with the installation steps because that is the most sensitive part.


How to Install OGWhatsApp Pro & Get Started with it on Android?

OGWhatsApp Pro

Installing a normal app manually is straightforward, but OGWhatsApp Pro is not a standard application. As we said above, it is a forked version of WhatsApp messenger, and there is a high chance that any security app or feature on your phone can easily detect it. Well, to use it on your phone trouble-free, we highly recommend turning off or deactivate all the security features and anti-virus app. Otherwise, you may not be able to use this Whatsapp MODified app on your phone. To safely install OGWhatsApp Pro, follow the steps below.

  1. Enable the Unknown sources from Android Settings>Security. It will authorize the third-party app installation on the phone.
  2. Go to the download folder and Locate & click on the OGWhatsApp Pro APK. This will open it in the installer.
  3. After that, click on the install button and wait until it gets installed on your phone. You will get a confirmation notice when the installation complete.Install OGWhatsApp Pro
  4. After that, press the done button to close the installer. The OGWhatsApp Pro installation is finished, and hopefully, you have not been warned through any security app or feature. Now, let me guide you to get started with it.
  5. Launch the OGWhatsApp Pro on your phone by clicking on its icon from the app drawer.
  6. Click on Agree & continue.
  7. In the next window, you will see an option to copy your WhatsApp Data. We recommend clicking on that option if you want to copy all your WhatsApp data, including chats, to OGWhatsApp Pro.
  8. After that, enter your phone number and click on the Next button.
  9. Verify your phone number through OTP and then enter your name and upload a profile picture. You can also upload the profile picture later. After that, press the Next button.
  10. Once you click on that, it will start initializing on your phone, and in a few seconds, you will get redirected to its main interface.
  11. It will first show you the latest changelog that includes all the changes and features included in the latest version. Read that if you want to know about the latest changes. After that, press the close button.
  12. Now you are on the main interface of OGWhatsApp Pro. The interface is no different than WhatsApp messenger, but you will see some extra elements there.
  13. Use the MODified app features, click on the three dots from the right-top side and select OG Settings.
  14. Now you will see all the features of OGWhatsApp Pro. We recommend exploring & use the exciting features by yourself.
  15. That’s it.

Note: If you activate any MODified feature in OGWhatsApp Pro, you must restart it to see changes.

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No doubt that OGWhatsApp is on the finest WhatsApp MODified app that comes with numerous features and customization options. Its privacy features will especially attract you because it contains many useful features such as Hide Status view, Revoke messages, Freeze last seen Blue Tick option, App lock, and more. You can also set rules using OGWhatsApp Pro for calling, i.e., you can block specific contact from calling you. Also, there is a theme option where you can explore hundreds of themes and install them on your OGWhatsApp Pro for free. There are also more useful features in it that will enhance the overall user-experience.

Overall, OGWhatsApp Pro is remarkable, and it will improve more in the future because its developer Alex is working on adding a whole new design, especially for this MOD. And you can also expect more stunning features in the App.

Hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful? If so, we would love to know your thoughts about it in the comments below. Also, if you still have any questions, then make sure you list them down below.

Disclaimer: At TechReen, we recommend you download all software from the official source. Software from third-party sites can endanger your device. See our Disclaimer page.


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