Oculus reorganized to maximize efficiency.


Facebook who has in recent times delved into one of the burgeoning and emerging world technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with Oculus seems to be restructuring the teams in shape towards taking virtual reality to the mainstream.

The company this week had its VR and AR team reorganized into a functional structure around the area of technological expertise away from a product divisional structure that previously existed. The company had retained all staff and has been said to be done in view to ensure the forward progression of the Virtual reality dream that it views can be achieved by uniting specialist focused on their specialties instead of having different separate teams working on different gadgets.

The confirmation of the reorganization was made to TechCrunch by a spokesperson from Facebook who said in his statement

“We made some changes to the AR/VR organization earlier this week. These were internal changes and won’t impact consumers or our partners in the development community”

The reorganization did not, however, affect the Oculus CTO John Carmack and Oculus co-founder who had also been promoted to the Head of PC VR Nate Mitchell as they will continue to serve in their various leadership capacities.

The reorganization shows faith and belief in Oculus one that they feel can be run more effectively. The company is said to be planning to release a new Rift headset in the early months of 2019 which it has dubbed Rift S. The device is said to going to feature upgraded displays and an inside-out tracking system.

Oculus which had started off with great promise had seen itself left picking the trails of competitions HTC after its launch was marred by expensive delays and inability to ship Touch motion controllers on launch.

The absorption of the Oculus into Facebook seems to fit more into Facebook’s grand mission of an immersive virtual world where users can hang out and communicate.

The reorganization which is a move that maximizes efficiency and eliminates redundancy could be a lynchpin in helping the company overcome rival competitors in the AR space like Magic leap and Apple.