Oculus Quest 2: Amazing VR Headset Experience


There are few reasons why many choose the Oculus Quest 2. It comes at a reasonable price, and when you make use of it, you don’t need wires. Even people without much knowledge of games find that this next to the perfect headset for people who just about to get started on their VR journey. The manufacturer upgraded the Quest 2 with some new features that we will examine below.

Overview of Oculus Quest 2

Here’s next-level hardware that makes all your gaming moves count with the blazing-fast processor and very good resolution. You’re able to explore new titles and old favorites in one go inside the Quest content library. One major thing is that the new Oculus 2 comes in white color.

With your Facebook account, you can start enjoying your Oculus Quest 2, meeting up with friends, and discovering communities around the world.  Some have complained about having to sign up through Facebook to use the Oculus. Well, that’s because Oculus is made by Facebook, and the company in its infinite wisdom wants the whole world to be on its social media platform.

Anyway, with this gadget, it is possible to catch every detail with a stunning display that features 50 percent more pixels than the original Oculus. With redesigned Oculus Touch controllers, you can now transport your movements directly into VR with intuitive controls.

Person Taking A Screenshot In An Oculus Quest 2
Person Taking A Screenshot In An Oculus Quest 2

Get Started with Oculus Quest 2

It’s easy to set up Oculus Quest 2. Once you have brought it out of the box, set up the smartphone app and then get into the VR. You don’t need a console or a PC to make use of the Oculus Quest. Make sure you have a good wireless internet connection. Once the Oculus app is up and running, you’re ready to enjoy it!

Users’ Preference

  • The sharp screen
  • Good price
  • Strong ecosystem

Complaints from Users

  • Why log in through Facebook?
  • Some accessories cost money
  • Somehow bulky and socially awkward

The Upgrades in Oculus Quest 2

Not many new features here in the new Oculus, but the upgrades are good enough for us to talk about. For instance, it is good to mention that the new Quest 2 has 6 GB of memory as opposed to the 4 GB in the former. The storage has gone from 64 GB to 256 GB. The gadget uses Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, not the Snapdragon 835 that the former uses.

Oculus Quest 2 Closer Look
Oculus Quest 2 Closer Look

The latest Quest has a heavily optimized library unlike the former. It is a bit heavier in weight than the former, though some people claim they didn’t notice that. The battery life seems to remain the same for both products.

The screen resolution of the latest product, Quest 2 is very awesome. It performs better than most VR headsets by offering 1832 x 1920 pixels. The larger field of view and higher refresh rate attracts users who believe the new gadget is crisp and expansive. But the Quest 2 screens still look very much like the former’s display.


Oculus Quest 2 64GB sells for $299 while the Oculus Quest 2 256GB sells for $399 on Amazon store at the time of putting this review together.

Feedback from Buyers of Oculus Quest 2

Honest Reviewer said the pricing is spot on. After buying the past two models, he said this latest is a hit that many would love using over and over again.


Cellini goes on the other path, revealing that once Facebook disables your account, your Quest 2 is virtually useless! The sad thing is that Facebook could disable your account anytime. So think again in case you’re new to Facebook or have been banned before.

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