Nothing to do? See the new Netflix and HBO movies!

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Streaming platforms are getting more and more on new movies and series to keep users busy during this summer season. After all, many people, due to COVID-19, insist on not leaving home. And as such, we have ‘reams’ of new content to be released on the two largest streaming platforms, Netflix and HBO.

In short, simply brutal new movies have been released for Netflix and HBO and are now available on both platforms. However, there being available from now on in the realm of streaming, it does not mean that it is completely new material, see the list and realize what you have seen and did not see to spend a good summer night in good company!

Nothing to do? See which new Netflix and HBO movies

So, without further delay, let’s see what has been released!


So, these are the new movies that are coming to Netflix:

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  • “Aquaman”
  • “Fatal Instinct”
  • “Panic Room”
  • “Maria Madalena”
  • “Bumblebee”
  • “Eyes Open”
  • “Double Seduction”
  • “RocknRolla: The Gang”
  • “Crank- Poison in the Blood”
  • “Spiderman: In the spider universe- Arrives on August 13th.”

However, for HBO the news is as follows:

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  • “The Bourne Legacy”
  • “Ultimatum”
  • “Supremacy”
  • “Unknown identity”
  • “Stockholm syndrome”
  • “A family on the verge of a nervous breakdown”
  • “How to lose a man in 10 days”
  • “Sideways”
  • “Stoker”
  • “Collateral”
  • “The man who invented Christmas”
  • “The Gallows- Curse of the past”
  • “In the heart of the sea”
  • “Signals”
  • “The Legend of Tarzan”
  • “Aquaman”

In short, if you were unlucky enough to spend the summer at home without going on vacation anywhere. So, take the opportunity to see what you ‘eat’ at the buffet that is the world of streaming.

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