North’s Focals Smart Glasses Introduces Neo Tech


A company previously called Thalimc Labs said it is moving towards production of smart glasses that make use of holographic display technology. It is called Focals. The company has now changed its name to North.

According to the company, Focals are a pair of everyday smart glasses designed from the eyewear-first point of view. Focals look somewhat similar to a regular pair of glasses. If you look a little closer you may notice that the end pieces at sides are a little bigger or thicker. Sure enough, one of the frames houses a tiny projector that reflects off an element inside the lens and focuses light bank into the user’s eye. This produces a holographic image. This image is overlaid onto the real world and no one else can see it.

This is a new technology that pick up from where previous attempts were left. Those attempts made use of bulky optics, now North has made it so small, small enough that the technology fits into regular glasses. These displays, said the CEO of North are not designed to used as those in Magic Leap or Microsoft’s Hololens, nor are they to be used for gaming.

They will be used for normal, ordinary use, like for displays for everyday life. They were made to make smartphone users relieve themselves of the time they use on their phones. With this technology, users can take away their head from being buried for a long time in their phones. Users can be more effective in the present world, so to speak.

Accordingly, this technology on Focals is made possible with Loop, a ring which could be worn on the index finger. This ring has a little joystick and a D-pad. The wearer can use his thumb to manipulate the joystick. This makes it possible for the user to go through text messages with his hands in his pocket without anyone around ever noticing. For the time being however, Focals cannot be used for making phone calls. This is due to the fact that this won’t fit the intent of the company which is paying full attention to the initial set of features of the Focals.