No hacking – FBI uses finger to unlock iPhones


Not long ago we showed that the director of a company that helped the FBI to unlock the iPhone from a terrorist said that she does it in the name of public safety. It’s no news to anyone that Apple and the FBI have had problems in the past involving the safety of iPhones.

That was even a reason for an American police director to call the Cupertino giant “evil genius” and “idiot.” Now, in an interview with a US Website, FBI forensics expert Bob Moledor has said how police are trying to bypass the Touch ID on Apple smartphones.

He said that in the case of the terrorist who attacked a university in Ohio, the FBI ended up using the dead man’s finger to try to unlock his iPhone and gather information for the investigation. This ended up setting a legal precedent for doing so in other cases.

According to Moledor, the case involving the terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan was the first case in which the FBI used this device to gain access to the criminal’s iPhone. However, it seems the attempt did not work, and the police were forced to send the device to security researchers to unblock it.

He also said that the FBI could not do the same with the iPhone X because Face ID needs the person’s eyes to be open to work. Even so, he believes the FBI will soon be able to break this method of security on iPhones.

However, the precedent is already open for the police to have more devices to unlock criminals since Apple is still resilient to the idea of ​​creating a way to unlock their devices to the authorities.

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