NineBot N70C, N90 & N100 Electric Bikes Features And Price


Ninebot, the top company that manufactures electric scooters has just announced Electric Bikes in the N-series alongside other models. The N series is made up of N70C, N90, and N100 Electric Scooter. Below, we will be looking at the electric scooters prices and features

Design And Features

The electric bike series is equipped with RileyGo 2.0 smart technology. They also pack many sensors that work to automatically unlock the scooter and also detect the location of the bike using a mobile phone app.

Comparing this with the recently unveiled A-series, you can see that the N-series are bigger. Further, they also come with a significantly improved storage space. They feature True Intelligence 2.0 technology. The electric scooters are also equipped with higher-power motors, and two of the model has a more efficient lithium battery.

NineBot electric scooter
Ninebot Electric Scooter

Battery And More Features

The N70C product comes with a 60V lead-acid battery that features a self-developed battery management system. It has a range of 70km. It also makes use of a high-power direct-drive hub motor with a maximum power of 1500W and higher efficiency.

As for the N70C e-bike model, it has a front disc and rear drum brake configuration, plus an EABS energy recovery system. Both the front and rear wheels are equipped with damping shock absorbers to reduce bumps.Β  The N70C is blessed with smart light-sensitive LED matrix headlights that have an illumination distance of 25m.


The Ninebot N90 e-bike which is the second model power is increased to 1800W while the range is extended to 85km. It makes use of an ATL lithium battery which is more lightweight.

Ninebot N70c
Ninebot N70c

It also retains the same design as the N70C but has a higher price tag. Lastly is the Ninebot N100 electric scooter and it’s the most powerful among the trio. Its power is extended to 2200W and it can be used for a range of 105km.

Price And Availability

The Ninebot N90 comes with a price tag of $993. The Ninebot N100 electric scooter will cost $1069 while the Ninebot N70C Electric Scooter is the cheapest selling for $458.

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