List Of Dollar/Euro Cards In Nigeria That You Can Use Online

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The Central Bank of Nigeria has of late enforced certain restrictions on the usage of bank ATM cards popularly known as Automated Teller Machine cards, for dollar-denominated transactions when they travel abroad with effect from January 1, 2016. This means bank customers will not be able to use their cards to purchase products outside the country especially from foreign e-commerce sites like AliExpress, E-Bay, Gearbest, and Amazon which involve foreign currency transactions.

According to CBN, before CBN will start talking of lifting the current restriction placed on ATM card usage abroad and foreign transactions, that the country must build the foreign reserve to the tune of $50billion. At the moment, it is $29billion. That might take a long time before it will be achieved.

Bad right? A transaction I made from renewing one of our client domains was charged by GTBank at the rate of N269.50 per US dollar while another was charged by Diamond Bank PLC at the rate of N275.00 per US dollar. So I start to think if there is any possible alternative one can use to survive through this ash season. Fortunately there are alternatives.

Alternatives to Nigeria ATM Cards

  1. GTBank Dollar Master Card – This cards are for those with GTBank domiciliary account, you can just walk into any GTBank branch near you and demand for a Dollar Master Card. With this dollar master card, you can do everything online, foreign site and even withdraw in naira using the local ATM.

ATM-Debit-Card2. Zenith MasterCard WebSurfer – Zenith Websurfer is a moderately good brand of MasterCard issued by Zenith Bank. This card is not a credit card that you can use to withdraw cash from the ATM machine. The Web Surfer is a low limit card that can only be used on the internet just as the name sounds.

Zenith MasterCard WebSurfer

How to apply for Zenith MasterCard WebSurfer


  • Walk into any head Zenith bank branch and request for a websurfer account opening form.

Things you will have before going to the bank are:

  1. One recent passport photo
  2. The ID type you used in the request form
  3. At least $150 cash

After opening your account, wait for at least 48hour (but your account is activated whenever you receive the mail even if it is 12hrs or 24hrs) for your account to be fully activated. In fact, check the email you used for the Websurfer for your account activation information.

  1. Payoneer – Payoneer is one of the rapidly growing payment processors and when I say its growing I really mean its growing because almost every day you get to know that some renowned firm(s) has signed-up with to pay their members. No bank account required, and the account can be used to make purchases worldwide where is accepted. If you have other alternatives, kindly list them below using the comment box.

Wanna talk or ask questions about the best alternatives to Nigeria ATM cards? Great! We Comments, Let’s talk about it in the comment box below….ilo

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