New WhatsApp Feature to Fine-Tune Audio Messages


WhatsApp intends to add a new feature in making it easier for users to listen to audio messages. The company is testing a new feature that will allow users to change audio message playback speed on iOS.

The new feature will enable users to playback audio files at 1.5X or 2X speeds. The one we always know, which is the standard speed of 1X will also be possible.

Whatsapp 1X

If a message is too slow, if it is recorded on WhatsApp, it will be possible to increase the playback speed to understand the message quickly.

The feature is available in beta and the company claimed that the new features will come with WhatsApp version it is still not clear how the feature will be operated, and when it will be rolled out.

Whatsapp 1
Whatsapp 2X

A Twitter post by @WABetaInfo confirmed the new feature. The post reveals that WhatsApp is working on three different playback speeds for voice messages on WhatsApp for Android. The post also revealed that the same screenshots are taken from WhatsApp for iOS.

There will be a trick to listen secretly to audio messages without earphones as well. Once a message is received, a user should not bother about using earphones. Just click on the play button and quickly put the phone to your ears so that it can play the message through the earpiece of your phone, and not through the speakers.

Whatsapp 2
Whatsapp 1.5X

The information also clarifies that the platform will offer a WhatsApp Web Beta program for iOS and Android beta users.

In addition to this, WhatsApp has rolled out a mute video feature for Android app users. Before sharing a video on WhatsApp Status, you can mute the video. This feature is available on the video editing screen one is in the process of sharing a video with another user.

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