New USB-C Beefed Up to 240W May Power Laptops


The new USB-C will go from 100W to 240W, making it possible to charge laptops. The new spec more than doubles the old, so only very powerful gaming laptops may be too powerful for the new USB to charge.

Consequently, a new report from The Verge claims that there’ll be no reason why laptop owners will be carrying ugly barrel jacks and proprietary power brick around to charge their laptops.

The 100W USB-c has for a long time held back industry standards. Now, it will be possible to do things unimaginable before. A user said that with the 240W of power, it means you could theoretically charge Alienware m17 gaming laptop over the USB-C.

For now, even if your laptop can charge over USB-C, (the Del XPS 15 can charge over USB-C) it needs 130W of power to charge and run at full simultaneously. So, even though some USB-C 130W has been sold on the market, the promise of a new 240W is a breath of fresh air for those who may have been looking for something like this in the past.

Another stress is that while the USB-C 130W doesn’t always come bundled with machines, and they have a fixed, non-detachable cable to prevent misuse, it is hoped that the new 240W USB cable will come with machines.

Manufacturers have promised that users will be clearly able to identify it when it comes. A statement offers: All EPR cables shall be visibly identified with EPR cable identification items. The statement also claims that a cable will need to support up to 5A and 50V to be compliant.

Of course, the 240W of power from the USB will not power some beefy laptops that may require up to 330W power supplies. Gaming desktops generally require up to 650W PSU or higher.

The good news is that others like the new iMac come with a 143W power adapter. That will soon be something the new USB-C 240W can easily charge.

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