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Meet the New Ford Fiesta 2018! An advance in the premium compact segment

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While the new Ford-registered patent indicating the development of seats and trunks with legs has not yet come true, how about giving a check on the company’s newest line of cars?

In a statement, Ford unveiled the newest 2018 line of the New Fiesta, featuring an unprecedented and complete design in equipment for the premium compact segment. The novelty will hit the market in December.

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The New Ford Fiesta 2018 has been extensively refurbished in its front design, rear taillamps and also in general trim aspects. In addition, it offers the maximum connectivity with the SYNC 3 multimedia center, considered one of the most efficient nowadays, as of the SE Plus version.

The New Fiesta evolves with each edition. It practically created the so-called premium compact segment, in reference to the class and modernity of the vehicle. For this reason, it is ideal for those who want a complete car, with a differentiated style, with top-class technologies and exceptional handling, without giving up the practicality and agility of the compact size. Its price starts at around $ 17,466.

Mauricio Greco Ford General Marketing Manager.


The idea for the 2018 launch is to bring Ford’s cars to a new level with the main attributes of the hatch that has become one of the most desired models and also one of the champions of category satisfaction.

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Already the main novelty in the design of the New Fiesta is the redesigned front, with concave grid and lines inspired by the supersport Ford GT, of striking and bold style. Some finishing details differentiate the SE, SE Plus, SEL, Titanium, Titanium Plus and EcoBoost versions, and this is accompanied by the new Style appearance package, also offered as an option in the entry model.

The Titanium version also features headlights with LED daytime running lights and partially LED flashlights, along with a rear camera. Inside, there is the SYNC 3 multimedia center, with a 6.5-inch screen and advanced connectivity features. Offered since the SE Plus version, it allows access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The New Fiesta is a differentiated and complete car for anyone who wants to stand out in the crowd. In line 2018, we reinforce the attributes that this demanding and connected customer values ​​most to make a smart choice

Fernando Pfeiffer – Ford Product Manager.


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The design enhances the New Fiesta body shape, with striking and sporty lines and details that give a more sophisticated style. The bumper has been completely refurbished, with a lower wide-aperture grille that makes the car appear wider and seated. Light and shadow effects are used to highlight (even more) body shapes.

The back adds a touch of sportiness with a new bumper on the bumper, and also light-signed flashlights in the Titanium version. Already the wheels are offered in three models: a 15-inch steel and integrated hub (SE), 15-inch light alloy (SEL) and 16-inch light alloy (Style and Titanium)

As for the colors, they come in six: the pearly Vermont red, California blue and Bristol black, the Dublin silver metallic and the solid red Arizona and Arctic white.

Economical and powerful

They are two efficient and economical engines, which are also the most powerful of the category: the 1.6 sigma TiVCT Flex, of 128/125 hp (with ethanol/petrol), and the EcoBoost of 125 hp (with gasoline). The latter was elected six times the International Engine of the Year and is considered a milestone in global technology.

The Sigma Flex engine has an aluminum block, head and crankcase, dual independent variable valve timing and Ford Easy Start cold start system combined with a five-speed manual or six-speed manual transmission.

The New Fiesta EcoBoost comes with the six-speed sequential transmission, characterized by quick, smooth changes. With several enhancements, it holds today one of the highest consumer satisfaction indices in the industry.

Also, maintenance also has a cost of maintenance and competitive parts. Following Ford’s fixed cost standard, it allows the customer to know in advance how much they will spend during the warranty period.

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The total cost of the three annual revisions (or every 10,000 km) of the 1.6 Sigma engine versions is $ 483, and the EcoBoost version is $ 500. Another option is to hire the Ford Protect Advanced plan, which includes four revisions (up to 48 months or 40,000 km) for $ 915 and extends the original factory warranty to four years. There is also the Ford Protect Premium plan which, for $ 3,573, adds a fifth revision at 60 months or 50,000 km and extends the warranty to five years.


The entry version 1.6 SE starts from $ 17,466, equipped with electric steering, air conditioning, power windows, mirrors and front windows, multimedia central SYNC 1 with AppLink and Emergency Assistance, rear parking sensor, fog lamp, brakes ABS, volumetric alarm, on-board computer, and tachometer.

SE Style 1.6 leaves for $ 59,590 and has 16-inch alloy wheels, front grille, mirrors and fog headlamp frame with black finish. The SE Plus 1.6 AT comes out for $ 19,222 and features six-speed sequential transmission, SYNC 3 multimedia center, stability control and AdvanceTrac traction.

The New Fiesta SEL 1.6 leaves for $ 18,821 with manual transmission and $ 20,146 with the six-speed sequential transmission. The Style EcoBoost AT, with a turbocharged engine, six-speed sequential transmission, and Style appearance package, costs $ 21,502.

The Titanium version 1.6 AT leaves for $ 21,933, while the top of the line Titanium Plus 1.6 AT leaves for $ 23,166. The latter features leather seats, seven airbags, Ford Power start button, keyless access, automatic headlamp ignition, rain sensor and electrochromic rear-view mirror.


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