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New Dispo Phot-Sharing App Gets Massive Attention

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A new app is catching the buzz on the internet. It is called Dispo, a photo-sharing app that was co-founded by YouTube star David Dobrik. The app is driving the news, and spreading fast among young, hip users over the past week.

This app mimics a disposable camera on your iPhone.

A few invitees have already tested the app and seen how it works. On its Twitter handle. A message was posted on February 14 that the testers have reached over the 10,000 testers limit. It means others have to wait for further developments before they can experience the ap.

As things are right now, the Dispo app has no Android version yet. The one that testers experimented with is basically for iPhone. It appears that testers had a field time experiencing the app.

How does it work? The screen for snapping photos looks like the rear of an old-fashioned disposable camera, with which the user has only one option; turning the flash on and off.


For now, photo editing features are not available in the app. Photos ‘develop’ at 9 am the next morning, giving users the opportunity to create various film rolls, putting them in. Rolls can be shared between users, in the process, leading to users’ ability to collect photos among friends as a social activity. The more interesting thing is that users can comment and like photos.

The original app still in the App Store is devoid of sharing, comment, or like features. The app is making things simpler and taking users back to the days when photo-sharing apps were simple and focused on social interactions.

Dispo is already getting attention from possible investors, and some have indicated interest in a Series A funding round. Nearly a year after launching its original app, the start-up raised $4 million in seed funding. When the new app is released on App Store, it may garner more interest.

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