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Netflix Pro is an all-in-one modded app for streaming, downloading TV shows and movies. I really feel bad when users struggle to find a working movie streaming app. And it’s probably not their fault because, in the app environment, there are lots of fake steaming apps available that receive download because of a good logo, high-quality screenshot, super awesome description, etc. Human beings get attracted easily and install random streaming apps without reading reviews, ratings, etc.

Among all the streaming apps for Android and iOS, I have found that the Netflix Pro can outrank most streaming apps like

iflix, Showbox, Hotstar, etc. And today, in this article, we are going to only talk about Netflix Pro. Basically, I will give an overview and review of the app by explaining its features, pros & cons. So, let’s get started. First, let me explain it a little more.

Netflix Pro

It is an app that lets users stream free TV shows, movies on their Android/iOS, online and offline. It’s all free, and you can stream, download and watch stuff offline/online. The Netflix Pro has a huge collection of TV shows and movies, including exclusive ones. And you can all watch for free in your own language. Yes, it supports over 255 languages, so you don’t have to worry about the subtitles.

Netflix Pro has made for the peoples who usually can’t afford to watch stuff by paying. Most of the young users can’t afford to subscribe to Netflix, HotStat. So, Netflix Pro is a hope and a platform to watch premium stuff for free for those users. Now, you know what the Netflix Pro is and what it provides. Let me show you its features.

Features of Netflix Pro

Netflix Pro is free, but it lacks the good features that a streaming app must have. Here, I will show you all the most useful features of Netflix Pro. So, here we go…

1. Stream to TV

Bored with watching movies and TV shows on a small screen (Android, iOS, and Laptop) and looking to watch on a bigger screen? If so, then Netflix Pros App will let you do that for free. However, there is an option available under Netflix Pro, which lets its user connect to the TV and stream the video from the phone directly. You can use TVs like Google’s Chromecast, Airplay, Smart TV, Android TV Box, Web Browser, and Game Consoles. All of these are fully compatible, and you will not face any problem in streaming your TV shows or movie on a bigger screen (TV).

2. Watch TV Shows and Movie in your Native Language

When movies releases, we basically wait for the dubbed version to come. Recently, I, unfortunately, booked a ticket to Avengers Endgame in the English version. My mother tongue is Hindi, and I love watching movies in this version because I easily understand what’s going on in the movie. And to enjoy the movie in my own language, I basically canceled the ticket, postponed the plan, and decided to watch it later when dubbed version will release.

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But you don’t have to worry about language issues in Netflix Pro. However, it provides almost all the languages to stream in. And you need to tap on the three dots from the right top to change the language while streaming. For instance, you can stream TV shows and movies in English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmal, etc.


3. Watch Unlimited Movies & TV Shows for Free

Netflix Pro doesn’t ask its users to pay for watching TV Shows and exclusive movies. All the content available on the app is 100% free, and you can watch it without paying anything. Even you will be able to watch the latest movies, New TV Shows, without any cost. They always update the latest movies list, and you will always find something new to watch in the movie category.

4. Watch Later Feature

This is actually a great feature that every streaming app should have because sometimes we usually lack time to watch movies or TV shows. Or sometimes we need to do other life activities. But to make sure you do not escape any perk from Netflix Pro, you can use the Watch Later feature. Using this, You can save any movie and TV shows in Watch Later section, and the best thing is you can watch it whenever you want. And the videos you add to this category will not be removed until you manually perform the removal action.

So, these are the main features of the Netflix Pro which you are absolutely gonna like. There are also some common features which I didn’t have listed above, like Subtitles, Set Video Quality, etc. Now, let’s talk about the pros & cons of it.


Pros & Cons of Netflix Pro

Recently, I have shown you some of its main features. Now, let me honestly tell you its Pros & Cons so you will able to decide better to use or not. And if I don’t show you the upside and downside of this app, then the Netflix Pro review will not satisfying. So, first, let me show you its pros.

Pros of Netflix Pro

1. Ads Free Watching

Netflix Pro publisher has really a big heart, and that’s why they don’t have flooded their app with annoying ads. Yes, you barely see any ads in the entire app (You may see ads while playing videos). After we launch the app in most streaming apps, we basically encounter ads of different types (Text, Banner, Video). But it’s totally reverse in this Netflix Pro. And that’s its the best pros that I have noticed as of now.

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2. Compatible with Most Android and iOS Phones

Another advantage you will get if you use this app for watching movies and TV shows is ultimate compatibility. If your Android or iOS device has at least a lollipop Android version running, you can easily run Netflix Pro on your phone without facing any issue with compatibility. And you will also be easily able to watch movies in Portrait and landscape mode.

3. Easily Find Latest, Trending, and Popular Movies

Most of us suffer while finding the desired piece of video in today’s generation streaming apps. It’s because of inappropriate navigation in the app. But Netflix Pro developer has well cared about the navigations and has categorized sections in a very user-friendly manner. The three useful sections you will see in the app are Trending, Popular, Latest, and Last updated.

That’s it. These are the three pros that I found useful to share here. There are more interesting things is available in the app, which will really enhance the video stream. Now, let me show you some of its cons.

Cons of Netflix Pro

There is no Android or iOS app available that doesn’t have any downside, and the same applies to this Netflix Pro. It also has some cons that I have listed below.

1. Doesn’t Support KitKat And lower Android Version

That’s the biggest disadvantage I have been recognized in Netflix Pro. Users who have Android phones running below Lollipop cannot run Netflix Pro. And if you still try to run, the app will crash rapidly, and sometimes it shows you a message with the text “Netflix Pro has stopped working” type.


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2. Phone Overheats up while Streaming

While streaming videos on Netflix Pro, I have noticed that it heats a lot more than any streaming app. And I’m sure that its streaming is not well optimized. RAM usage and processes also drastically increase when watching movies or TV shows online. If you plan to watch some movies using Netflix Pro, especially in summers, I don’t recommend using it because it may overheat your phone and damage the battery or explode.

Netflix Pro Download & Install for Android, iOS, Windows & Mac

>>Download the app from the link here here here | or here

Final Words on “Netflix Pro Review”

Overall, Netflix Pro is a great streaming app available for various platforms, including Android, iOS. And the best thing I liked about this streaming app is it doesn’t charge its users to watch exclusive movies and TV Shows. If you compare this app with almost every streaming app available, like Netflix, Hotstar, etc., you are much more likely to choose this free streaming app. It has almost all the necessary features that a Streaming app should have. I highly recommend giving it a try and trust me, you will test such a great app.

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Hopefully, you liked this detailed review of Netflix Pro? If so, share it with your friends who are confused about choosing a free streaming app to enjoy many new upcoming movies this summer. Also, do let us know your thoughts in the comment section about this review.