Navigation Made Easier And Faster With New Google Maps Android Update

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Earlier today, Google commenced rolling out updates for the Android version of its Google Maps application. The update is targeted at getting users to their destination in no time; irrespective of the route and manner of commute -be it by foot, by car, or by public transit.

The updated Google Map application boasts of some new and beneficial features which include new features incorporated into the swipe-up menu at the bottom of the screen which is presented in the form of three tabs – “Places“, “Driving“, and “Transit“. Apparently, Google understands the fact that users not only want to get to their respective destination, but they also want to get there as fast as possible and in grand convenience.

The Places tab provide a list of locations, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and gas stations that are labelled with categories like best dinners, cheap eats, business dining, etc. If you intend visiting places a nearby like the grocery store or you want to get your fuel tank filled in a gas station, or perhaps you would love to know the nearest bank where you can make a quick transaction, a tap on one of the “other options” will get you where you need to be as it provides vital information on nearby places that match your search query or desire coupled with detailed directions on how to get there as fast as possible.

Moving on to the Driving tab, the Maps application provides you with next to accurate estimated times of arrival (ETA) to pre-saved locations or destinations like Home and Work. The Driving tab as well gives real-time information on traffic conditions and expected/possible delays on your route to your destination. And in case the vibe to take your usual location to work takes over you on a particular bright morning, the Maps application still gives a report on traffic conditions. All you need to do is to tap on the “start driving” button.

Finally, the Transit tab displays recommendations that ease user’s decision on what means of transportation to take to their destination. The Transit tab tells if you should take a bus to the restaurant, walk to the coffee shop, board a train to your workplace. This tab also provides detailed info on arrival and departure time as well as bus station location/addresses. Whenever you finally make a decision based on the app recommendation(s), you will get an estimated time of arrival and a real-time schedule for your chosen means of transit.

The Google Maps Android update is now rolling out on Google Playstore. There is, however, no details about when or how the new functionality will be introduced to the iOS platform.