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Nova Legacy app download is available for free in this article. Looking for the latest Nova legacy? Don’t worry; I will provide the guides on how to install and run it properly on your Android. The Nova legacy is really an amazing storyline hit and shooting game. The story of a normal man to the high-tech robot. The story is something like this; everything is going great on the earth, green and shine are at the peak, you are walking towards your home, and suddenly something unexpected started happening in the sky. After watching this dangerous scene, you eventually fall back to the surface. And when you wake up, everything gets changed. Earth is in danger, and you have to save the world from some dangerous kind of robot. That’s how the game starts when you launch the Nova Legacy first time on your Android.

So, basically, in this article, I give you the download link of Nova legacy, which is very popular and well known in the shooting game category. It’s actually the best 3D sci-fi FPS Android game. Let me first give you the download link of the Nova Legacy app.


Download Nova Legacy app Latest v5.7.1d For free Directly

Nova Legacy Apk Download Latest

You will download Nova Legacy Apk latest v5.7.1d directly on your Android; further, here are some new features added that will blow your mind with the ultimate gaming expert in the latest versioning. However, there is a new tactical feature in the latest version that automatically moves the gunpoint to near the enemy, and you can shoot more efficiently. But to enjoy the cool Nova legacy on your Android phone, you have to perform some hard task which will become easy for you after reading this article. Wishing vs. Doing. They are different terms, so by just wishing it will work fine, it will not. You have to follow my guide to get going with the game on your Android.

Before giving you the download link of Nova legacy, I need to show you the full file information of Nova Legacy. So, there will be zero confusion after downloading. There is a reason behind showing you the Nova Legacy’s file information, which I will tell you later.

File Information:

  • Name: N O V A
  • Apk size: 35Mb
  • Current version: 5.7.1d
  • Extension: [.apk]
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Apk Type: Action Game
  • Required Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Last updated: 10 December 2018

Knowing the file information before downloading is very important now. Because browsers are promoting apps at a pace, they exchange the requested one to provide the downloading link of the promotion app they get from their clients. And knowing the file information before downloading can help you to download the correct one. Below is a pure download link of Nova Legacy’s latest version for Android. Just tap on it, and you will be redirected to the Mediafire file service, where the Nova legacy Android game is hosted.

Download Nova Legacy Android Game v5.7.1d

How To Download Nova Legacy Latest Version Correctly On Your Android

Here is the step by step process to download the Nova Legacy latest version safely on your Android:

  1. Click Here or the above download link of Nova Legacy Latest using your mobile or computer.
  2. Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to Mediafire, where the Nova Legacy is hosted.
  3. Just click on the download link and wait for your Android device to catch it.
  4. Once your Android caught the file, wait to complete the download.
  5. Done.

Just follow the steps carefully to download the Nova legacy Latest directly on your Android device. Now, let me provide you with some more helpful tips for downloading the Nova Legacy Android game on your Android.

Important Things To Remember Before Downloading Nova Legacy App Latest Version

  • Use a strong browser for downloading the Apk. Browser like Google Chrome, UC Browser, Opera Mini. These browsers are quite capable of downloading any file. It would help if you had a good browser because sometimes Mediafire sends the file, but the browser fails to catch it, and you can’t get the Apk. So, make sure you follow this tip.
  • Have a fast internet connection in your android from a carrier or WiFi; when the internet speed is low on Android, the download corruption chances increase. Because file providers send a file in small sizes like 4Kb, 6Kb, 9Kb, and then 10Kb, slow internet on Android has high chances to lose those small Kb’s. And hence you need a fast internet connection on your Android, at least 200kbps, for downloading.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your Android. Most files get corrupted due to the low space available in Android. Only half of the whole file gets saved. So, double-check the storage before downloading the Nova Legacy Apk if you have low space on your Android and want to make space but don’t want to lose files. Then I recommend going>settings>storage>clear caches. Doing this will make free space on your Android without deleting any file.
  • Don’t do Multi-tasking while downloading the file. Doing this also increases the chance of file corruption. Allow your browser to use the resources of Android easily, and it will download the file without any error.

Downloading any game or Apk from the Internet is not that easy task. You have to care about some important things to download the file safely. Now, let me guide you on the installation of Nova Legacy in Android.

How To Install The Nova Legacy App In Your Android Device Properly

Nova Legacy Apk Download Latest

Follow the common steps to install the Nova Legacy Apk latest version on your Android phone:

  1. Open the downloaded Apk from file manager or downloaded section of the browser.
  2. Accept all the terms and scroll down to the button.
  3. Hit the install button and wait for a minute. It may take more types depending on your Android device performance.
  4. Once installed, press done.
  5. That’s it.

Installation of any Apk may feel straightforward, but you actually don’t know what’s happening in the backend of Android. And so, to make sure the correct installation, I have provided some useful tips below. Just follow them, and you will be able to install any App on your Android correctly.


Things To Make Sure While Installing The Nova Legacy Apk Latest Version

  • Do not do any task while installing the Nova Legacy Apk latest version. Most of you minimize the installation and think that it will get installed. But by doing that, you make the installation hard, and soon you see a message saying, “The App is not responding.” This is very common, and I’m damn sure you get a lot. So, make sure you don’t do multitasking while installing the Apk.
  • End the background application. Always listen to music while doing anything on Android? It’s not good when it comes to installing any Apk. It would help if you closed everything running in the background to give the installation access to most Android resources.
  • Close the internet connection. Some Android Apk takes advantage of the mobile Internet to upgrade themselves. Like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. This is a Mod version, and allowing it to access the internet may cause you to get back to the free version of Nova Legacy Apk. It may fetch the data from Play Store that installed in your Android.

The installation always goes right when you do follow the above steps. I have very deep data on it, and I’m 100% sure that the tips I have given will work for everybody. So, as of now, I have explained pretty much the Nova Legacy Android game. Let me show you the final one; how to run. Don’t skip because it’s important.

How To Run Nova Legacy App On Android

Let me show you the steps by step process to Run Nova Legacy on Android:

  1. Once installation complete, tap on done.
  2. Close everything running in the background of your Android. You can also use a game booster for that.
  3. Turn off the Internet connection on your Android.
  4. Start the Nova Legacy and wait for the data extraction. As you know that Nova legacy lite only 35Mb; it actually has compress data that automatically start extracting after the first launch.
  5. Once extracted, the Nova legacy game will automatically launch and ask you for your age and gender. Just fill that, it’s safe, and you know you can play.
  6. That’s it.

So, that how you can play the Nova Legacy game on your Android. Ensure you definitely close everything from the background before starting the Nova Legacy game because it may lag if you leave other applications running in the background. That’s the end of the Nova legacy guide. It’s time to enjoy some awesome screenshots of it.


Nova Legacy Apk Download Latest Nova Legacy Apk Download Latest


I’m very excited to play this Nova Legacy on your Android because you will thank me for the direct download link. However, there is some issue with the latest phones, and they can’t install the Nova Legacy game from the official play store. You can say that it’s not available. But from my link, you can download, install and play instantly.

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