Most Downloaded Offline Shooting Games for PC

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Want to know the most downloaded Offline shooting games for PC? Back then when there was no online shooting game, we enjoyed playing offline shooting game in single mode (You against the computer). And at that time there was no distraction while playing but in today’s online shooting games, you mostly meet some annoying player which says absurd words in chat section every time you play bad or when you fail to save your teammate. And that sometimes frustrate us.

So, if you are recently annoyed by some player or bored playing popular online games like PUBG, Battlefield V, and Fortnite then I have good news for you. Right here, I’m going to show you the most downloaded Offline shooting games for PC that you can play and enjoy the same thrill as you get on online shooting games. So, let’s get started.

Difference Between Offline Shooting Games and Online Shooting Games

First, let me define them clearly so there will be no doubts in your mind.

Offline Shooting Games

These types of games usually need one time Internet data investment, basically, while downloading the game file. And after installing, you can enjoy the game offline for the lifetime. Some games require an Internet connection to activate and validate the purchase which only consumes some Kbps.

Online Shooting Games

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Games in this section are totally opposite to offline shooting games. However, online shooting games need Data to Download the game file and also requires Internet access to run the game in PC. Without having a Strong Internet connection, you can’t be able to play these types of game.

Now you know what the clear difference between both types of games. Let me show you some top downloaded offline shooting games for PC.

Most Downloaded Offline Shooting Games for PC

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The PC shooting games which I’m going to list here are very popular and has great download times. You can also download and enjoy these games offline right now on your PC. So, here are the popular Offline shooting Games for PC:

1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Offline Shooting Games

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When it comes to best offline shooting games for PC, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare reserves the top place in the list. It is one of the most popular offline shooting game that has received millions of downloads from its official and some third-party websites. COD 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter game that was published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward. Also, it has received numerous awards from gaming organization including IGN.

The scene in the game is a total war type where you will be fighting against terrorism in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Ukraine. There two game modes available in this game; Single Mode and Multiplayer mode. In single mode, you will play with your team (Computer Team) in most of the missions and there are some special characters in the game like Captain Price, Imran Zakhaev, Gaz, J. MacTavish, and more.

In the multiplayer, you will get a chance to fight on some amazing places with new guns that are not available in the single mode. Overall, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a great shooting game for PC and you should definitely try.

2. Battlefield 3

Offline Shooting Games

Battlefield 3 is created by EA DICE and published by Electronics Art (EA). This game is based on a true war story that happened in the Iraq-Iran region. And you will also be playing in places include Azerbaijani border, Paris, France, and New York City. Battlefield 3 does not have only a great campaign, the anthem and overall sound quality in the game is very good. You will hear tremendous and mind-blowing sounds when Tank explodes, Granade explodes, and while firing with SCAR-L Gun.

The requirement of this game is not high and computers that made after 2012 can easily run this game. Also, since it’s launch, it has received millions of download (Declared by EA). And I highly recommend playing this game because you are really going to experience the best offline shooting game for PC.

3. Crysis 3

Offline Shooting Games

Crysis 3 Released in 2013 which is published by Electronic Arts (EA) and developed by Crytek. The Crysis whole series is actually great and fortunately, they are all offline shooting games. Crysis 3 is another first-person offline shooter game in which you mainly fight with aliens and commanders. But this shooter game has really some powerful features and action. Prophet will your name in the game and you got armored with Nanosuit. A suit that can be destructive but you have to use it in this game to save the world from outside aliens.

In the game, you will see some horrible scenes of Alien destroying the earth with their own technology. Also, you will face many different types of powerful aliens that will be very hard to kill. But the Nonsuit that you will be armored can do anything if you learn to control it. It has some powerful features which you can use to kill an alien easily in the game. Like my favorite one is getting being invisible. Moreover, the game artificial intelligent has been upgraded, aliens can hide and get alert when feeling anything around them. They also well corporate with each other to protect and fight against you (prophet).

Overall, Crysis 3 is a great FPS game which has the best story and action. The one weapon that you will absolutely love in this game is the bow. It can kill any aliens if shot on the head.

4. Far Cry 3

Offline Shooting Games

As of now, Far Cry 3 is the most popular open world game which contains varies types of action like killing with the knife, Handgun, Destroy a whole spot of the enemy with C4, and more. Its story started with a vocation where protagonist Jason Brody with his friend enjoying the summer and eventually, his friends got kidnapped by Pirates and escaped from the island. And you have to find them and save from those pirates. Such a great story it has but playing the game is literally hard. And at some level, you will get stuck for many hours. There will a simple solution to pass but you can’t be able to find in the first place.

Far Cry 3 is developed by the great Ubisoft Montreal. This game requires high specifications to properly play. Fortunately, it is an offline first-person shooter game which needs one time Internet data investment.

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5. Battlefield 4

Offline Shooting Games

If you ask me to suggest the world’s best offline shooting game then I will only recommend you the Battlefield 4. You are going to like it very much if you love too much action. Battlefield 4 has contained the best destructive scene like bridge destruction, Tall building destruction, and more. Graphics and weapon list in Battlefield 4 has improved compared to its previous Battlefield 3. Also, Battlefield 4 anthem is way cooler and starts automatically in the game when some huge destruction happens and When you smartly complete the level.

In this game, your first mission will be Shanghai which is the best and most liked level of Battlefield 4. And once you pass this level, you will get your hand tight on the game because you will start loving it like me. In Battlefield 4 last mission, Garrison the Caption will send you with your team to destroy the ship with C4 but the trigger doesn’t work and you have to give a new C4 to your teammate to destroy the ship. This is the most emotional part of the game because you will lose any one of your teammates.

Overall, Battlefield 4 is a must play offline shooting game for PC and I highly recommend to try it right now you are dying to play such an intense battle game.

Which are the Best Offline Shooting Games for PC?

Among all the offline shooter game that is available for PC, I have experienced that the Battlefield 4 & 3, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare are great for playing and experiencing FPS game on PC. These games contain the best epic scene and filled with full of action. If you are still confused and want my suggestion from these games then let me help you.

According to my experience of these offline PC FPS games, I recommend Battlefield 4, Crysis 3, and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. You will really get amazed by these three top FPS offline game. But make sure you check the requirements before downloading and playing any of these games. Some of the games that I listed above require high specification which some of you may not have on your PC. And playing without checking the requirement may cause your PC failure.

So, I highly suggest checking the game requirement before you start downloading from the web. And you just only need to invest one time Internet data and you can play & Enjoy these games for the lifetime.

Hopefully, you liked this awesome article on Most downloaded offline shooting games for PC? If so, I prefer to share this article with your friends who are also looking for offline FPS games for PC. If you have any suggestion, drop down below. I’ll see you in the next one.

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