Mobiistar XQ Dual – Dual Selfie Camera For Social Media Enthusiasts


One thing that makes Mobiistar XQ Dual to stand out among its peers is the camera setup which is being commented on by mobile phone analysts these days. Young people love to take selfies and then post these on their social media profiles to show off to their friends often. These ones have got a friend also in Mobiistar XQ Dual mobile phone.

Apart from the fact that the device promises a great selfie experience to all social media enthusiasts out there, there are also a few other reasons why anyone should love to check out the latest features in Mobiistar XQ Dual smartphone.


The Selfie Cameras Come With Seven Levels of Beauty

Although this is not the only area of attention when one scrutinizes Mobiistar XQ Dual smartphone, it surely is on big factor fans would buy this device. The device packs 13 MP + 8 MP camera to the front with the ease of a wide angle selfie camera and it comes with several levels of splendor.

With the secondary camera in front, it is possible to enable a wide-angle lens with an onscreen button. The 120-degree wide angle lens is great for group selfies as you will be able to cover more background space.

The beauty mode will allow for a good job of reducing pigments here and there and also balance out the lights etched on a person’s face. You probably don’t need to get your face powdered to have a lustrous picture taken. If you don’t like a setting, please explore other settings, realizing that XQ Dual has seven levels of adjustments.

Mobiistar XQ Dual Face Unlock Technology

Here is the second amazing fact about Mobiistar XQ Dual we are mentioning in this article. Just bring your face close to the phone screen, press the unlock button and voila! It unlocks.


If you are one of those who would love having their phone secured and unlocked without the hassles of pressing a PIN code, this feature will give you a new lease on life. It is so easy to use that after a time, you and your phone gets used to each other.

Better Way to View Video Contents

The screen on Mobiistar XQ Dual mobile device is 18:9 ratio full display and this allows any type of video content to be consumed in a lovely way combine the amazing features of a 5.7-inch HD+ display with curved 2.5D curved glass which adds to the premium look and feel of Mobiistar XQ Dual smartphone. It is such a remarkable feat for a mobile phone of this cadre.


Elegant Design Highlights

It is either you make the bezels on a modern smartphone bigger or smaller. For Mobiistar XQ Dual, that isn’t a major concern. But Mobiistar has done a lot of underground work to help users to feel or perceive the elegance of this new smartphone entrant in 2022.

Mobiistar XQ Dual smartphone is a device with a kind of unibody construction which makes it both handy while its premium construction beauty can be seen from a short distance.
The screen is made in such a way that it minimizes the bezels surrounding the screen, giving more attention to the proportions of the mobile device. Having everything under consideration, one would easily be swayed to think that Mobiistar XQ Dual is a more expensive device but it is not.


For emphasis, the selfie cameras are a big plus for Mobiistar XQ Dual handset. The focus speeds are great because the device is empowered by PDAF and that works with the 13 MP sensor to deliver a great experience. Whether you are good at taking professional photographs is not an issue here. Anyone can succeed in getting the best while using Mobiistar XQ Dual smartphone.