Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch Specs Review & Price


Misfit Phase Hybrid is one of the numerous smartwatches that was made by the smartwatch giants Fossil. The name Misfit is an established icon in the fitness tracking arena with the likes of Fitness trackers like Misfit shine and Misfit ray. However, the new Misfit Phase Hybrid is the firm’s first watch and is different compared to other fitness-focused smartwatches. This is a hybrid device which means no screen or touchscreen display, but there will be notification alerts through hand movements and vibration with sleep and movement tracking.

Misfit’s debut smartwatch has quite a look designed with the help of Fossil which is kind of evidence here. Although it is not the most beautiful hybrid smartwatch out there, but still one of the stylish wearables you can find around. There is no number on display here only a graduation of the same colour with small circle interval at the bottom which fades away when the light is dim.

It has a minimalist design approach with two available models, the black watch case and sports band or the grey one with brown leather. The watch face is about 4qmm which according to normal stand is not that big excluding the lugs and is quite thick with only one size to choose from. This is probably not the watch for you if you have a small wrist. However, it is not hefty which is a good thing and makes the watch quite comfortable on the wrist. With an IPX8 certification, it is waterproof up to 5 ATM which is equivalent to 5om under water, meaning you can go swimming with it, shower with it but this might prove difficult using the leather band. The integrated lugs fit well if you have a wrist size of about 22mm with more room for customisation.

The integrated lugs fit well if you have a wrist size of about 22mm with more scope for customisation. The misfit Phase costs about 145 dollars which makes it relatively cheap and Misfit’s most expensive still. At the right side of the watch, there are two buttons; the button is for ‘Link” Misfit’s way of controlling other smart devices around you like taking pictures with your phone and music playback on your phone. The top button moves the hands to indicate the level of your progress in your activity goal and show your set alarm on a second press.

Beneath the stainless steel casing, there are two depressions which is opened by a tool that is supplied by Misfit along with your watch. It opens to reveal a coin cell battery that will last for six months after which you would need to replace it. The Misfit Phase transfer all information through the hands and a little circular window at the bottom which shows different colours.


A particular colour represents a particular type of notification which could be a Facebook message, a text, a call and you get to decide which is which. You get to assign a selected number of contact to a number and when a notification is received the hands will point to indicate who it is from that is for calls anyway. However, missing features like heart rate sensor and GPS means it is not for hardcore fitness monitoring although it gets the basic fitness tracking like sleep, calorie burn, distance traveled and the basic stuff.

What is The Current Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch Price and Availability Status?

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