Xiaomi Mint Browser App: Everything you need to Know [How to Download]


Xiaomi has recently published an Android browser on the Google Play Store that is fast, lite, security tight, and free of ads. We have seen recently that Xiaomi has started showing ads on all Xiaomi phones, like under file manager. But taking those ads in mind, Mint browser is launched with a good intention, and that’s why they didn’t place ads. I have used this browser for a day, and now I know everything about it. It’s really going to standout soon in the market because of its greatness. It provides high-speed surfing and all comforts like design and navigation. So, in this article, I’m going to share everything about the Mint Browser app.

If you are a Xiaomi phone user, then this article will boost your browsing experience. Because Mint browser is more compatible with Xiaomi devices as the same company makes it. It doesn’t matter where you live in this world; if you have a Xiaomi device, you can take advantage of Mint Browser. So, let me explain its feature so you can get deep insights into it.


Features of Mint Browser App

In Mint browser, there are limited and handy features because its developer wants to make it lite and fast. Also, they hadn’t implemented some necessary features like adblocker, incognito mode. For some, it may feel like a chip on the shoulder. But it’s actually worth it. However, the Mint browser runs really very fast compared to any competitive browser like Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, Dolphin Browser, etc.

Now, let me show you if Mint browser is rich in features or Not:

1. Reduce Data Usage

This feature basically compresses the Images on the web to reduce the data usage and load pages fast. Using this feature, you can literally save a ton of Internet data. Here Xiaomi copied this feature from the UC browser and UC Mini. In both the browser, this feature was implemented since they are launched in the market. After turning this feature on, all the images get prevented from loading, and on the place of the image, only texts will be shown. And that makes the web pages load fast even with a low Internet connection.

To turn this feature on in Mint Browser:

  1. Open the Mint Browser on your Android.
  2. Click on the three lines (menu option) from the right bottom to explore.
  3. Select tools.
  4. Tap to Reduce Data Usage.
  5. And done.

It is that simple. After tapping on the “reduce data usage,” the feature will get activated automatically. Now try to search for something on Google, you will feel the Speed!

2. Quicky Change Search Engine

Are you losing interest in the Google search engine and don’t know where to change the search engine? All these things are enhanced in Mint Browser. You can jump to the different search engines in a tap easily. Mint Browser has done a great job by adding a quick-change search engine feature. Many of us, including me, don’t like using one search engine every day. It feels really common and boring. So, if you are in the same situation and Mint Browser has got you covered here. Now, let guide on it in the Mint Browser app.

To Quicky Change Search Engine in Mint Brower:

  1. Start the Browser on your Android.
  2. In the top search bar, click on the Blue World Icon.
  3. After taping on it, three search engine options will appear “Bing (set default), Yahoo, and Google.
  4. By taping on anyone, you can easily change the Mint Browser Search Engine.
  5. That’s it.

Mint Browser has the bing search engine in default. I know it’s good but not for all of us. If you want to change the default search engine, follow the above steps.

3. Block Pop-ups

Do you ever get bombarded by pop-ups when you visit some web pages on the Internet? I too! You can stay away from those bombardments of pop-ups by using the Block Pop-ups feature of Mint Browser. When this is turned on, the pop-ups get provoked from appearing, and hence you can read the article without distraction. Now, let me show you how you can activate this feature in Mint Browser.

To activate pop-ups Blocker:

  1. Open the Mint Browser app on your Android.
  2. Tap on three lines to explore the option.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. In the other section, select Advanced.
  5. Under Page, setting turn Block pop-ups on.
  6. Done.

After turning it on, test it on some news and offers website. You will see Zero pop-ups, and that usually means the block pop-ups are active.

4. User Agent String

In most Android Browsers, we can only see the desktop mode of the web page. But in Mint Browser, a User-Agent String allows users to view web pages in Desktop, iPad, iPhone, and Android mode. That’s amazing. Right? Many of us wish to feel the iPhone internet browsing experience. Here Mint has taken that wish cover and provided a mode to surf the internet in iPhone mode. Let me show you how you can use this feature to pull your dream off.

To use user agent string:

  1. Start the Mint Browser app on your Android.
  2. Click on three lines and select settings.
  3. In the other section, select Advanced.
  4. Under page setting, tap on user agent string.
  5. Then select the Device mode ex- Android, Desktop, iPhone, and iPad.
  6. Go back to Home and test it.
  7. Done.

Follow the simple above steps to use iPhone, iPad browser mode and feel the magic you also wanted to feel. To feel it at its peak, set the search engine to Google.

5. Night Mode

A popular and useful feature for night browsing lovers. Most people that are over 24 use to surf the Internet at night because, in the Daytime, they work in the office, corporate sector, factory, etc. They didn’t get any time in a day to enjoy the stuff on the Internet. And so, to make browsing more comfortable at night time, Night mode can help you here. It helps your eye basically not to get damaged by screen lights. It converts every white color to black and dim light at the lowest, making surfing more comfortable. Let me drive you through the process of turning night mode on in Mint Browser.


To use Night Mode in Mint Browser:

  1. Open the Mint Browser App on your Android.
  2. Click on three lines and tap on a half-moon object that usually an icon of Nigh mode.
  3. In seconds of taping, the night mode will get turned on.
  4. Now, enjoy surfing without damaging your eyes.

Assuming many of you use phones till the half night and that’s a long time. Using night mode while browsing is billion-dollar advice. There are many reasons why you should use it. A few of them are; your eyes will stay safe, the battery of your Android runs longer.

So, as of now, I have explained the most useful features of Mint Browser. There are some common features available in Mint Browser that I didn’t find useful to explain. Now, let me show you how you can download and test this Xiaomi Browser on your Android phone.

How to Download and Install Mint Browser on Android Device

Follow the easy steps to download and install the Mint browser app on your Android phone:

  1. Firstly, Click here to download the browser app on the Google Play Store.
  2. Hit Install and wait to download and install automatically.
  3. Once installed, close everything and started the Browser.
  4. Select your language and click next.
  5. Allow every permission it asks for, like location, SMS, calls, media, etc.
  6. Steps finish.

The above steps will help you to get started with the Mint browser on your Android. This browser is launched recently, so; it’s possible that you may not be allowed this Browser in your country. If you are anywhere in India, this browser will work fine, and you will be able to install it from the official Store (Google Play Store).

Should you Actually try Mint Browser on your Android?

After using it for a Day, I have found that Mint Browser is really a Powerful browser that provides limited and necessary features. Also, the speed it provides while surfing is just unbeatable! I have never experienced this type of speed in any Browser. Truly Saying! Even Google Chrome and Opera Mini sucks sometimes.

Mint Browser has only necessary features, and that’s why it’s fast, lite, super less in size, ad-free, and eat less battery than Google Chrome and Firefox Android Brower.

So, should you try this Browser? No question. Yes!

You will regret it if you don’t try this Mint Brower Powered by Xiaomi. If you are currently using a Xiaomi device, you may see this browser as a default browser in your next Android update. We will inform you right here at TechReen. So, make sure you follow our social media pages and email subscription to receive the update free for a lifetime.


Mint Browser App is really offering good features and performance. It is super lite; 10MB file size only. This Browser is available at the official store of Android; you can install this for free.

I highly recommend you try this browser because it offers unique features like iPhone browsing mode, Block pop-ups, etc.

Hopefully, you got learned everything about Mint Browser? If so, please share it with your friends. Also, comment if you have any queries. We will get back to you in 5 minutes. See yaa!

Disclaimer: At TechReen, we recommend you download all software from the official source. Software from third-party sites can endanger your device. See our Disclaimer page.


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