Microsoft Mesh
Microsoft Mesh

Long-distance work is the new normal in which we find ourselves and Microsoft is looking for ways to ensure that our stay-at-home collaborations are better than before.

The company has now devised a way for workers to adjust by working long-distance, yet feeling as if they are in a single room together. The workers will use augmented reality glasses and cloud computing power.

The technology is known as Microsoft Mesh, launched at the company’s annual event – the Ignite developers conference. The event was a streamed one so attendees may not have gotten enough of the feel of the event as when they are there in person.

Microsoft claims that the easiest way for anyone to think about it is to think about connecting the physical-digital worlds, and this can allow humans to transcend the traditional boundaries of space and time.

A tech expert who is also Microsoft technical fellow Alex Kipman, whose team created the HoloLens augmented reality eyewear that is now famous, came on a virtual stage to unveil Mesh.

Microsoft Mesh 1 V3 2
Microsoft Mesh

He explained that Mesh is powered by Azure cloud computing systems that combine data center processing power with artificial intelligence. This tech, known as mixed reality is now catching up with Apple, Google, and Facebook, with all of them investing in it.

It has also been said that the Mesh platform may be able to sync to virtual reality gear such as Facebook’s Oculus, as well as with smartphones. The technology is designed to let people collaborate and share holographic experiences in real-time no matter how far they are from themselves. Presentations showed how effective Mesh is in this respect.

Kipman said that users will that they are in the same place with someone sharing content, or they may be able to teleport from different mixed reality devices so they can be present with people even when they are not physically together.

First, people will appear as avatars but in the near future Mesh will project lifelike holograms of themselves, said Microsoft.

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