Microsoft Andromeda Unannounced; What Kind Of Phone Is It?


For about two years, Microsoft Andromeda (also known as Surface phone) had received so much attention because the company Microsoft claims that it is ready to release something that will hold the world in amazement.

This smartphone was just a concept back then but now, it seems to have taken a great shape as the information from leaks reveal. In fact, everyone who knows about the device now knows that it is a foldable smartphone. It is expected to come featuring digital ink and telephony capabilities.

To be lauded is the fact that it is supposed to be responsible for showcasing a new version of Windows 10 built on Windows Core OS.

Information about the new Microsoft phone have been popping up here and there online so it is good for us to examine these and to be able to tell what kind of phone it is.


Defining Andromeda

Microsoft’s Surface Andromeda project has to do with a software and hardware effort. Microsoft is expected to build a new version of Widows that will out-perform the former and this new design is to bring the OS to a new category of mobile devices.

Probably, this will resurrect the Windows phone.

The latest version of Windows is what is known as Andromeda, just as Android is another OS for phones. Internally, this is Microsoft’s Windows Core OS effort but on the hardware department, Microsoft is striving to build Andromeda-based device as well.

You can think of this as Microsoft’s effort to make a comeback into the phone market. Microsoft in this sense has to carve out new low-volume market and some think that this device will not be positioned as a smartphone.

The Andromeda Performance

This device is ARM based on its own, a foldable tablet that features two displays joined together by a hinge mechanism at the center. The input method is primarily touch but there is going to be pen support for taking notes. However, the device will look somewhat like a pocket journal which will open and close like a real notebook. Yet, it must be really pocket size device.


Andromeda will feature telephony capabilities, allowing for call-making, text messages, and other stuff people normally do with their phones. There will also be a Snapdragon chipset and it may arrive in the usual 64GB or 128GB storage capacities.

Being ARM-powered, it is said that this device should be able to last a full day even at rigorous use at a single full charge. Battery life will be good because the performance department will be very efficient as it runs on Windows Core OS.

About Andromeda Software

Andromeda OS is reputed to be the first iteration of Windows 10 that will ship under Microsoft Windows Core OS effort. This will feature CShell adaptable user interface. It is being designed right now for dual-screened devices. It is gesture-based and is not on any Windows Shell on the market at present.

Pricing and Availability

Andromeda is of course a premium device that will attract more than $1,000 USD. However, at this time, no word is out yet about the price of this device. As far as availability is concerned, fans have been waiting for this device too long. A good suggestion is that Microsoft Andromeda will be available in 2019. Nevertheless, that hinges on if the firm is able to complete OS to a good standard in time.


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