Michael Kors Access Sofie and Grayson For Women And Men


Micheal Kors’ Access Sofie and Access Grayson, as the names suggest, the two watches are made for different sexes. Micheal Kors’ Access Sofie is made for women and the Access Grayson for men. Micheal Kors which is a well-known designer brand for shoes, bags and analogue watches rather than tech gadgets. Although this is not the first smart watch by Micheal Kors. The America based fashion company has a list of other devices like the Access Hybrid, Access Bradshaw and Access Dylan released last year. It also has some fitness tracking devices like Access Crosby activity band also released the previous year.

Even though two watches look different, they are more or less the same with only a few differences separating the two. This being that the Male’s Grayson is a little bigger than the female’s Access Sofie. Although they are both being sold with metal straps with silicon and leather straps also available for purchase, the Access Grayson has a larger 24mm band while Access Sofie use a smaller 18mm band.

Demographically, the two watches differ in their target, the Access Sofie made particularly for females, with a pave-lined around the surface of the watch and a 42mm casing. The Access Grayson on the other hand as a more plain design with a bigger 47mm casing and two more buttons on the right side of the watch.

Apart from the difference in battery capacity, resolution and display size, the Access Sofie and Grayson have the same specification.The Access Sofie which is smaller has a 390 x 390 1.19-inch display and 370mAh battery capacity, and Grayson features a bigger 454 x 454 1.39-inch display and 300 mAh. Besides the above differences, the two watches come with pretty much the same features and specification.

It is definitely more expensive than what some other smart watches sell for, the Access Sofie and Grayson offer a more fashionable appeal in terms of the Micheal Kors brand and the watch design. Thus making one the top end pricey android smart watches is of course not a surprise if you are familiar with the luxurious designer brand.

The Micheal Kors Access Grayson comes in a Black, Navy, Gold, and Navy colour and Sofie comes in Silver, Rose Gold, Sable and Gold colours. The two smart watches have the same Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, Android Wear 2.0, 512MB RAM, IP67 water and dust resistance, 4GB of memory storage and a rotating crown for navigating through apps.

Both smart watches come with some fitness feature like a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer which allows monitoring of distance covered, steps, sleep and calories used. Although other integral fitness monitoring features like heart rate monitoring, GPS and oxygen blood content monitoring are absent.

Michael Kors Access Grayson review

The lack of a built-in NFC chip prevents the smart watch users from being able to use the contactless payment feature present in other smart watches. Also, there is the lack of LTE connection in the smart watch is a big draw back in comparison with its other android wear of its price. However, it has a feature which allows you to manoeuvre the watch’s display using a smartphone app ‘My social’ that lets you use your Instagram photo as your watch face.

Considering that the watches are more of a wearable than a Smart and Fitness device the Micheal Kors Access Grayson and Sofie is an excellent addition to the designer brand.

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