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Maxcom mobile are specially known for its classical design phones with physical buttons and easy to operate, especially for seniors or the least demanding users who need a phone for calls and SMS. But now there is an Android smartphone from this Polish brand. What is the attraction?


  • Three separate slots of sim cards
  • Better battery life
  • Great display and automatic brightness


  • Non-illuminated buttons
  • Missing notification led
  • Small internal memory

Maxcom Smart MS514 LTE Key Specs

Size: 145 x 72 x 8 mm, 131 g
Display: 5 “, IPS, 720 x 1 280 px, 293 PPI
8 Mpx, f / 2.0, AF, LED, Night, Candle, Panorama, Series, HDR, HD, 2 Mpx web, f / 2.8, Night, VGA
MediaTek MT6737, 4-core, 1.25GHz, Mali-T720, 1GB RAM, 8GB flash (3.9GB), microSD 32GB, LTE, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11, microUSB, 2x Micro SIM, 3.5 mm jack, 2 200 mAh Li-Ion
Software: Android 6.0, BIG Alarm, FM radio, Google apps, Browser, File manager
The price: 85,00 €

Cheap mobile phones, which are mainly supplied by Chinese manufacturers, are a dishonest. The Polish manufacturer Maxcom, to enter the waters of Android smartphones, can be considered bold. Maxcom, however, does not “fight” with big players in the field of top smartphones. It continues its mission of addressing clientele among less demanding or new users. And it does well.

For example, I would characterise the design of the Maxcom Smart MS514 as appealing and modern. Gentle curves on each side to the back make it easy to hold the phone comfortably, making it easy to handle it all. The back side is shiny, so prepare for frequent cleaning from fingerprints.

The back cover of the Maxcom Smart MS514 is removable. Just take it, preferably at the bottom, gently resemble the nail and slowly put it down. As you can guess, by removing it you will get a removable battery (more about it later) and three card slots all for you. Fortunately. This means that you will enjoy the full Dual SIM mode along with a microSD card. By the way, SIM cards into this phone will need a micro size.

Years of reviewing, I’ve used several phones personally to weigh and do not rely solely on the manufacturer’s information. The Maxcom Smart MS514 weighs just 131 grams, which is a massive and heavy for your hand or your pants or jacket pocket.

It has a display of 5 inches with HD resolution, 720 x 1200 pixels. If you thought it was a simple TFT panel, you were wrong. We have an IPS screen here.

In this regard, I think that I recently tested the premium brand model, which is more than 100% more expensive, while still having only a “plain” display without brightness self-adjustment… That’s why the Maxcom Smart MS514 LTE deserves praise.

Conversely, the pity that the micro USB and 3.5 mm audio connector are not sided by the side on one side but opposite each other on the opposite sides. I just do not like this layout. However, the phone does not suffer from its functionality. The ON / OFF and volume buttons are on the right side. Even the left-handers should not have a problem handling them.

The main phone controls, the three touch buttons below the display, were initially confusing. First I have to say that they are not backlit. In the dark, you will find it hard to know where it is. Well, I got two things behind them.

They do not have unambiguous pictograms indicating their functionality. So it took me some time to get used to the back button on the right. The left button does not serve to display the latest applications – features, such as Multitasking. This is activated by holding the middle home button! And why is it left? To view the Menu of the same app or phone features…

Where did I just see this last time…? I can not even say it as a lack. It’s only a matter of habit.


The Smart MS514 is powered by the MediaTek MT6737, 1.25 GHz four-core processor. Included in this chipset is the Mali-T720 graphics. The operating memory is 1 GB, 8 GB memory module for the system files. It’s not much, but can be supported with a microSD card. The operating system is Android version 6.0.

Due to the price category of the phone and target group of customers, I find it reasonable. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised by the result of the AnTuT test at almost 25,300 points. I was hoping for less. Simple features such as a calculator, calendar, call, or phone message have been performed reliably. For more demanding applications, it does, of course, take a little longer.

I did not allow myself to try at least Real Racin 3. With the visible “lag”, but nothing will prevent you from playing less challenging games, such as puzzle or logic.

In addition to regular Google apps, there is also an FM radio, file manager, a standalone internet browser. But I was particularly interested in the so-called BIG Alarm. Well, that’s great.

Not only does it have large control surfaces, but also numerals and descriptions. You can set the alarm or repeat time very quickly and easily or change the alarm sound. Thanks to this, even older people can control this alarm clock. It would, however, like more customized applications.

Its 8-megapixel cameras both have autofocus, which is accurate enough, as well as a LED. It even has several modes (Night, Sunset, Candlelight), effects (mono, sepia, water, negatives), but also white balance or fine-tuning, shade, brightness, etc.


And the quality of the photos? Clear, they are not showcases, but with a bit of effort and the right setting, nice shots can also be captured. Notice the sample photos under the article. And that’s not a “good light condition” at all.

Finally, I have traditionally left my battery experience. It has a capacity of 2200 mAh. Apparently not enough. But due to the hardware used on the phone, its stamina is very good. With more intense use (no games and video), it lasted for 1.5 to two days.

Maxcom Smart MS514 LTE is an interesting smartphone. The fact that it is not a premium Japanese, South Korean or Chinese brand and its price is below the € 100 does not mean it’s a subordinate facility. The review of such a phone is not meant to be blurred by high-end models but needs to be experienced by the user for whom it is intended. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that it will fulfil what is expected of it. Also, it adds a high-quality IPS display, three separate card slots and long battery life. Well, it underlines the freshness and modern design.

Sample Photos:

Lightly illuminated corridor with LED flash.

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