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Ludo Star 2 app is a complete Ludo board game that you can play on your Android phone. It provides the necessary features with a proper setup to play the ludo board. The game has been built with a function to follow the real ludo game rules, and unlike the real ludo, you can’t cheat in this Ludo Star 2. Everything will be visible & managed systematically, like rolling of dice and moving the tokens. The best part of Ludo Star 2 is you can even play it alone. The computer will be against you in the game. That will actually improve your ludo skill because the computer is really good at playing ludo.

When feeling alone, most of the time, the preferable thing we all like is playing the ludo game. It is a safe-to-play, entertaining, and learning game that actually helps in sharpening the brain. However, it forces players to make decisions wisely so they can win the game. The clever choice you will make, the better you will perform in this game. This game has also been suggested by schools & other development organizations, and it’s scientifically proved that it helps in brain development.


Well, today, we will provide you the Ludo Star 2 game Download link. And we will also guide you to install it on your Android and start playing it properly. So, are you excited now? Let’s get started!

Ludo Star 2 Android Game Overview

Ludo Star 2 is a dice board game played between 2 to 4 players. You can play the game with your friends, family or on the computer. To play with the computer, you will require to play alone; two or three or four of you can’t play against the computer. And whether you want to play with a Friend or Computer, you will require an internet connection. Yes, Ludo Star 2 is now an online Ludo game. It is actually a good thing because if it were an offline game, users could have hack it easily and cheat while playing. While it is an online game, everything is managed & served through a secured server.

Recently, Ludo Star 2 has launched an Arrow Mode, which is a new variation. Having this new mode will make everybody feel like playing the original Ludo game on Android. The board has the arrow on every token’s home, which is the same as we see in the real Ludo Board. Moreover, there is no need to play the game altogether on one device. You can use social media account, including Facebook, to connect & join the ludo game. You & your friends can join and play the match on their own phones. Also, the chat system is integrated into the game, which means while playing the ludo game. You will be able to talk to your buddies. This will eliminate boredom when playing online with friends.

Also, there is a level system in Ludo Star 2, which increases when performing better. As you play better, the difficulty will improve for you. This works only in the single-mode where you play against the computer. When playing for the first time, it may feel straightforward & simple, but the new challenges will stress you out when you continue to play.

Download Ludo Star 2 Game Latest Version For Android

Ludo Star 2 APK Download

Ludo Star 2’s download link is provided below, and you can use it to download the game for free. The version that we have provided here is the same as the original; no changes have been made. This means it is as authentic as the version which is uploaded on Google Play Store. You can undoubtedly install & play Ludo Star 2 on your Android that we have provided here. This game’s file size is also noticeable; it’s only 34Mb in size and can be easily run on Android any Android phone with normal specs.

Before you step-up towards the download link, look at the Ludo Star 2 game’s full file details.

File Information:

  • Name: Ludo Star 2
  • Size: 34 Mb
  • Extension: [.apk]
  • Developer: Gameberry Labs
  • Game Type: Board
  • Android Required: 4.1 and Up
  • Last Updated: 26 September 2019

You have the file information of Ludo Star 2; just read it carefully because it will help download it correctly. Now, follow the below link to download the latest Ludo Star 2 for Android.

Ludo Star 2 2 (34Mb)

How To Download Ludo Star 2 On Your Android Phone?

If you don’t know how to download the Ludo Star 2 game on your phone, then you can follow the easy steps provided below.

  1. Click on the above link to visit the Download page where the Ludo Star 2 game is hosted.
  2. Wait for the page to ready the APK file for you.
  3. After a few seconds, the third-party server will automatically send the Ludo Star 2 file to your browser.
  4. If the server doesn’t send the APK file, you will get a short link on the page to immediately start downloading.
  5. Once you receive the download request, verify it is first using the above file information and then accept the downloading request.
  6. Wait till the APK gets completely downloaded on your phone. That’s it.

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How to Install Ludo Star 2 & Start Playing it On Your Android Phone?

Install Ludo Star 2 on Android

Installing Ludo Star 2 on any Android phone is quite a simple task; it just requires a few clicks, and it will be installed. If you have never installed any Android app or game on your phone manually, then you may need to follow the guide. After that, we will show you how you can instantly start playing this ludo game. So, here we go…

  1. Enable the Unknown sources from Android Settings>Security. It will allow third-party app installation on the phone.
  2. Go to the download folder and Locate & click on the Ludo Star 2 game file. This will open the installer.
  3. After that, click on the install button and wait for it to get installed on your phone. You will get a confirmation notice when the installation complete.
  4. After that, press the done button to close the installer. The installation of the Ludo Star 2 is ended. Let me show you how you can start playing it.
  5. Launch the Ludo Star 2 from your phone’s app drawer and wait till it gets loaded.
  6. Select the mode which you want to play; for instance, select the new Arrow mode.
  7. Then select single or multiplayer mode. If you want to play alone like You vs. Computer, then select the Single mode. Otherwise, select the multiplayer mode.
  8. Now the game will get started, and you can start rolling dice one by one and move tokens based on the number you get by rolling dice.
  9. That’s it.

If you have played this game before, like in your childhood, you probably know how to play this game properly; if you don’t know the rules and how to play it, let me also explain the rules of the Ludo board game.

Ludo Board Game Rules

Ludo Boardgame rules are fundamental, and I believe that anyone can learn the rules in a few minutes. As this board game is played globally, the rules may vary in different regions. We have explained the rules that followed & played in the majority of the regions.

  • Each player rolls the die; the highest roller begins the game. Players alternate turns in a clockwise direction.
  • To enter a token into play from its yard to its starting square, a player must roll a 6. If the player has no tokens yet in play and rolls other than a 6, the turn passes to the next player.
  • Once a player has one or more tokens in play, he selects a token and moves it forwards along the track the number of squares indicated by the die. Players must always move a token according to the die value rolled. Passes are not allowed; if no move is possible, the turn moves to the next player.
  • When a 6 is rolled, the player may choose to advance a token already in play or enter another staged token to its starting square. Rolling a 6 earns the player an additional or “bonus” roll in that turn. If the bonus roll results in a six again, the player earns an additional bonus roll. If the third roll is also a 6, the player may not move and turn immediately to the next player.
  • Players may not end their move on a square they already occupy. If the advance of a token ends on a square occupied by an opponent’s token, the opponent token returns to its owner’s yard. The returned token can be reentered into play only when the owner rolls a 6. Unlike Pachisi, there are no “safe” squares on the game track, which protect a player’s tokens from being returned. A player’s home column squares are always safe, however, since no opponent may enter them.

That is how we basically play the Ludo Boardgame in real and in games like Ludo Star 2. Quite interesting! Isn’t it?

Gameplay Screenshots


Ludo Star 2 is a complete ludo board game with an integrated function to follow the real Ludo game rules. It provides a real digital Ludo board & a dice to play on Android.

So, that was the article on Ludo Star 2! If you have played it before in your childhood and looking for a chance to play it again but don’t have the equipment, then Ludo Star 2 is for you. It is a free Android game that anyone can play on their Android phones. This single ludo board app contains all the equipment and has integrated with the function to follow the real Ludo Boardgame.

Hopefully, you liked this article on Ludo Star 2? If so, we would appreciate it if you share it with your friends & family, and we are sure they will enjoy it. They may respond to you with a message to play Ludo Star 2 together! If you still have any questions, make sure you drop them down below in the comments. We want to answer the questions related to Ludo Star 2

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