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LS-MIN Mini Drone Quadcopter: Cheap And Small Drone Under $30

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The LS-MIN Mini Drone Quadcopter is one of the most affordable drones that you can buy with little money. The drone features an altitude hold mode that ensures a stable flight. The headless mode auto-adjusts the position of the aircraft before flying. Below is the LS-MIN Mini Drone features and price.

LS-MIN Mini Drone Quadcopter Features

The LS-MIN Mini Drone has multiple features such as track flight, 3D flip, gesture photo/video, 4K HD camera with an amazing color solution. Since it’s small, you can easily put it into your pocket or small traveling back for mobility.

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Some of the function includes the ability to fly it up, down, forward and you can also turn left and right. It has an LED flash and 4K videos. You only have one key to take off, return and land. There is altitude hold mode, headless mode, WiFi FPV. 3D flip, 2.4Ghz control.

Ls Min Mini Drone Quadcopter
Ls Min Mini Drone Quadcopter


Just as mentioned above, there are 4K cameras that can capture nice and vivid images with expansive backgrounds. There is a Beauty Filter that brings Beauty function for nice photos. There is a Track Flight setting that you can use to control the drone and set a track that the drone will automatically follow.

Battery And Other Features

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The LS-MIN Drone has a 13 Modular battery with a real-time batter display that applies 3.7V 650mAh which promises a long-lasting flight of 13 minutes.

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Other features include Air Pressure Altitude Hold that you can use to lock the flight altitude making the Drone stable hover and effectively prevent the aerial camera from shaking. Others are 2.4GHz anti-interference technology, six-axis gyroscope, and much more.

LS-MIN Drone Quadcopter Price And Availability

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The LS-MIN Drone Quadcopter will sell at a price of $20.99. This is way too affordable for such a nice 4K camera Drone. You can order the Drone on GearBest or any online leading platform.

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