Lizade Couch Cup Holder for Sofa – Avoid Spilling the Tea


Lizade Couch Cup Holder for Sofa has been updated in 2021. Of course, you know this update will bring better performance to the new gadget. This product is otherwise known as Coffee Tea Silicone Water Cup Holder. Its use is paramount in places such as the office, bar, kitchen, and other places.

Quick Takes on Couch Cup Holder for Sofa

  • Color: Red
  • Material: Silicone
  • Brand: Lizade
  • Why Lizade Couch Cup Holder?
Lizade Coffee Cup Holder
Lizade Coffee Cup Holder

Some people can’t help it when they get excited – they spill their tea. You don’t even need to be excited to spill your tea. Are you watching an all-engrossing movie?


Many classic movies will make you spill your tea if you’re not careful. But to be frank, even without a movie, the best of us do spill our beverages. The act of standing up or sitting on your sofa with coffee or tea beside, or the act of sneezing can lead to spilling tea. No one is at fault here.

If you’re trying to balance a wine glass on the flat part of the couch, it could be spilled there at that moment or sometime later. The spillage could leave an embarrassing stain on your clothes.

Overview of Lizade Couch Cup Holder for Sofa

As stated above, this cylindrical cup holder is now upgraded to fit most kinds of cups. If it didn’t work for some of your cups in 2021, try those hard-to-fit-in cups again with the latest Lizade Cup Holder released in 2021.

Oh yes, you can use it to hold larger and tiny cups. It has a clever slot for the cup handle to accommodate coffee cups, mugs, and even those cups with handles. The Lizade Couch Cup Holder for Sofa is really a good gadget to have in your home or office.

Lizade Coffee Cup Holder Jpeg
Lizade Coffee Cup Holder Jpeg

You’d Love the Anti-Slip Design

Yes, it actually anti-grip capable. Notice that the cup holder itself is designed in a grid shape. That is one aspect of the latest upgrade in 2021. Other aspects of the new designs are added weights which means that it can’t be toppled anyhow. You’d see the metal grips on both sides. That’s where the weight rests especially, so the gadget doesn’t move anyhow, causing undue embarrassment.


Fitting for Armrests

The gadget is able to wrap over armrests measuring about 5.5 inches/14cm wide. What this means is that narrow armrests should be excused when making use of this Lizade Couch Cup Holder. On the other hand, it can lay horizontally on a table, or it can be draped over the backrest of any upholstery.

Best Places to Place the Couch Cup Holder

You can make use of it in your home or office. The best places that you can place the gadget are on smooth surfaces like desktops, or on any coffee and kitchen table, inside cars, and garden furniture.

Lizade Couch Cup Holder Pricing

Right now, Lizade Couch Cup Holder for Sofa costs $17.99. That’s apart from the shipping costs. It is a good buy when you see it as a money-saver as it prevents spills that could be greater than that in dollars in a month.


What Users of Lizade Couch Cup Holder Are Saying

The product has a four-star rating on Amazon which means that this is really a star gadget that users find very adorable. One reviewer said- “This cup holder is wonderful. I have issues with my wrist, so having this holder on my chair arm makes it so much easier to enjoy my morning coffee.”

Another said- “I’m very happy with it. It’s exactly what I need. Very durable product.

Other reasons why other users praise the Lizade Couch Cup Holder is that it is worth the money. It comes at a very reasonable price. Others love the fact that it is non-toxic, comes with BPA-free silicone, so it’s safe for the whole family.

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