Leaked Nubia Z30 Shows Under-Display Selfie Camera


Are you wondering what the amazing feature on the upcoming Nubia Z30 will be? It is probably something that has to do with its camera features.

When Nubia’s Weibo account ran the poll among fans asking that question, many made remarks that bother on the appearance of the phone and next to it was the capability of the camera department.

That’s not a surprise, for design is what people often think about when they glance at a phone out of reach. And when once the device is in hands, the first test is to see how nice the quality of the photos taken will turn out to be.

For the upcoming Nubia Z30, it has an under-display selfie camera, something that’s not that quite common. The first time people saw this technology was last year when the ZTE Axon 20 series brought it to life. It has since been abandoned by the Axon 30 series for reasons we can’t explain.

Nubia Z30
Nubia Z30

That display is so lovely that it is hard to beat – if Nubia knows how to use it to its advantage, it could be the trending feature in smartphones this year and beyond. The device display is showing some curved sides that are matched by the curved sides of the rear.

At that rear, there are four cameras with the 100x hybrid zoom label. Below that, you find the focal lengths of 16mm for the ultra-wide lens and 135mm for the telephoto. This offers five times more magnification over the main camera. That is massive for this smartphone.

The amazing thing is that this device may have a secondary display at the rear. It is not actually clear that it will but if it does, that will be another attraction.

Take note that the Nubia Z30 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. This spec was confirmed when the chipset was announced months ago. The Nubia Z30 release date is still not known.

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