KOSPET Prime – the first Smartwatch with Face Unlock, NFC, Wireless Recharge and Dual Camera


Not far from the official launch of the Kospet Optimus that we have already talked about, the Chinese brand – now become famous in the field of Android smartwatches of excellent build quality and good value for money – does not stop for a second, and is ready to launch what appears to be a revolutionary smartwatch: Kospet Prime!

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Kospet Prime is… revolutionary!

A few hours after the launch of Apple Watch 5, there are those on the other side of the ocean who are realizing what appears to be a truly revolutionary smartwatch! In short, let’s face it, if it were not for the AlwaysOn Display, Apple Watch 5 did not bring big changes compared to the previous model.


Personally, a smartwatch with dual cameras, NFC and wireless charging would be much more appreciated… but of course, there are tastes and tastes, and there are probably those who are thinking that this Kospet Prime is a bit “exaggerated”.

Although there is still no official news on this product,

you can clearly see from these two images below that the Kospet Prime not only supports the NFC function but also supports wireless charging:

On the crown of the smartwatch, there are two 8.0 MP cameras that allow you to take pictures/videos and make video calls from the wrist without the slightest effort. In fact, a camera is placed laterally, and another is frontal.

As for privacy, Kospet Prime also offers the Face Unlock function to unlock the smartwatch with the face (a function that, in fact, is not present even on Apple Watch since there is no camera or 3D sensor).

In support, there is a 1.6 “circular AMOLED screen (larger than the other Kospet products, like Optimus Pro and Hope). Under the hood instead, Kospet Prime matches 3 GB RAM + 32 GB of storage space. We can’t wait to try this interesting smartwatch..and you?

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