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KissAsian – Watch Anime, Cartoon, Korean Drama Online in High Quality


KissAsian is a popular site most people visit when watching Anime, cartoons, and Korean Drama in HD quality. It is an authentic source for this type of content, and anyone can consume it for free. You don’t necessarily have to subscribe to its Membership plan or Go Premium if you have no problem with the site’s ADS. Nowadays, to watch any movie or show, we need to go to a theater or stream on streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. And that costs money.

On KissAsian, you can watch Unlimited Show for free of cost. Sounds interesting? It should be because most of the video streaming platform now has subscription plans, and without subscribing one of them, you cannot watch anything.


Well, in today’s article, we will be guiding you on how to watch Anime, cartoons, Korean Drama Online in High Quality on KissAsian. And it’s only going to require an Internet connection and a PC or Android phone, which everybody has these days. So, let’s start this article and let me first give you a complete overview of KissAsian. Overview

In general, KissAsian is a web portal where lots of video content are available, and most of them are Korean Drama, Anime, and cartoon. Nearly 60 Million users visit KissAsian every month, according to Similar Web. And most of the visitors are from the Philippines, United States, Malaysia, and India. The reason behind the popularity of KissAsian is they have covered almost all the available video content on categories like Korean Drama, Anime, and Cartoon. Meanwhile, whenever any user searches for this type of content on Google, website appears at the top.

Fortunately, KissAsian is an authentic site and provides only original & legal content. And that’s the reason why 60 million people trust it. Also, unlike other Video streaming websites, KissAsian serves every content through their servers. They have an optimized server that allows users to stream content without any hassle. You can also manually change the server and try a different one if you don’t work. You can use four servers to stream any content on KissAsian; FE, RapidVideo, MP, KissAsian Beta, etc.

By default, the FE server is set to stream videos on KissAsian, and it looks like it’s the best server option for most people. It response quickly upon clicking, provide the feature to forward or backward Show, Watch in full screen, Volume management, etc. Moreover, you will also know many details about the show before streaming, like Characters on the show, Original Aired Data, Summary, and more.

KissAsian is a free web portal, but it has a few limitations and downsides that can be avoided by upgrading your profile on KissAsian to Go premium. Becoming a premium member will also benefit you. However, for premium members, they provide some special features like content notification, HD streaming, Unlimited streaming, ADS free, etc. Features

By knowing the features of, you will conveniently navigate the site using any device. So, let me show you some features of

1. The Search Bar & Advanced Search

KissAsian Features

On, thousands of video content are available, and it is hard to find if you are searching for a particular show. You cannot find specific content easily without using a tool like a search bar because you don’t precisely know which page of the site-specific content is listed. Interestingly, on, there are search bar and Advanced Search, which can help find any content easily. A search bar is a normal tool found on other streaming sites, like Goojara, 02TVSeries, etc.

Both the search tools are listed on the upper right side on To use the search bar, enter a title you are looking for, select its genre, and then hit on the search button. In the next window, you will find all the content related to your searched title. Using advanced search, you can easily find any content if you know exactly what you are looking for. If you know the details of a show, including Title, Actor, Countries, Genre, Status, Year, etc., you will use Advanced search.

Once you are on the Advanced Seach page, enter the show you are looking at on the respective fields, and then click on the search button. On the next page, you will find the exact content you have searched for.

2. Request Drama

It is a service that is available for free on the site. Request Drama is a section or page which will help you to get available your desired Drama show on the site. Sometimes, you may not find the Drama show you are looking for on the site. In such cases, you can visit the Request Drama page and request the Drama show you want. To access this page, you need to register an account and log in. It’s not for free users, and you must have an account if you want to request a Drama Show on


Once you have an account and logged in, fill the various fields on the Request Drama page like the Tile of Drama Show, Actor, etc. After that, press the Request button. Within 12 or 24 hours, your requested Drama show will get available on the KissAsian. So, make sure you use this feature whenever needed.

3. Watch OnGoing Series

KissAsian Features

Besides lots of latest and old entertainment video content, KissAsian also broadcasts ongoing series directly on their site. And to watch the Ongoing series, you don’t even have to subscribe to its plan or become a premium user. Anyone can watch it for free. The ongoing series section has pined on the right sidebar, and you can click on any title under the section to start streaming.

These are the three features that I think everyone should know before you start watching content on KissAsian. After knowing them, I’m sure you will be able to navigate the site more efficiently. Now, let’s get to the main part of this article.

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How to Watch Anime, Cartoon, Korean Drama Online in High Quality on

KissAsian Guide

Watching any content on KissAsian is very easy, and you can use any device to watch content from there. Still, to make sure you don’t face a single mistake that may create a problem, I’m going to guide you right here. Before we start the steps, you need to have some requirements which are listed below.

Requirements to Stream Content on

  • Fast & stable internet connection.
  • Android phone or computer.
  • Google Chrome Browser.
  • AD Blocker extension.

These are the common requirements that you must have if you want to stream a show or drama on After having these requirements, you can follow the guide.

Step by Step process to Watch Anime, Cartoon, Korean Drama Online on

  1. First, visit official website using Google Chrome. Whether you are using your mobile phone or computer, make sure you use the Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Make sure the AD blocker extension is active on the browser. If you don’t do that, you will get frustrated with ADS on the site.
  3. Find a show or drama you want to watch. You can use the categories section or Search Bar to find content on the site.
  4. Once you find the content, please tap on the show title to see all its episodes or part and then click on any of them to get options to stream.
  5. It may ask you to verify the captcha, you can also choose the skip option, but it may ask again. So, verify the captcha not to face this further.
  6. Now, disable the AD blocker and then select any server. After that, please press the play button and wait for it.
  7. The show will automatically start once you tap on the play button. Once it gets started, press on the Lights off option below the video player to enjoy the show without distraction.
  8. That’s it. Enjoy.

That’s how you can watch a Drama show, Anime online on It will give you a pleasant experience, especially the Lights off mode. You can enjoy the show or drama without any distraction. Once the streaming starts, activate the AD blocker so you will not see any ADS further.

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Conclusion is a great platform to consume entertainment videos like Anime, cartoons, Drama, etc. Because it’s free, provides HD streaming, and also offers some excellent features. The Video experience they give right now is just the next level, and nobody is doing well like KissAsian on the Internet. So, walk through the steps I have given above and start enjoying the Entertainment videos on

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