Keyboard & Mouse – Is Xbox Catching Up with Computers?


Can you believe it? Xbox One is getting prepared to operate with mouse and keyboard. Some people have it right now even though it is still something for the future. These set of individuals are the Beta testers trying to see how things will work when the rest of the starts using the technology.

What this will mean is that keyboards, mice, and consoles will be paired and actually, this is nothing new. PS4 has been in the alternative game for years but developers did not care. Now they care.

Xbox One runs Windows 10 so this kind of pairing will not be a strange thing anyway. Windows 10 happens to be the operating system of choice for PC gamers. With this apparent, the line between the Xbox and computers gets so close. Of course, there won’t be much of an impact in the future when the keyboard/mouse thing happens on Xbox One. Such games as Bomber Crew, Children of Morta, Deep Rock Galactic, Minion Master, Moonlighter, Strange Brigade, Vigo, War Thunder, Warface, Warframe, Wargroove and some other games will be featured in this.

There has never been an official support for accepting keyboard and mouse inputs, though there have been adapters that could do the ‘magic’ since day one. Next year, there will be specially designed peripherals for making things happen. We have heard about what gamer brand Razer wants to do next year. The company wants to create an Xbox home button early next year. Of course, the way that developers will go on this issue is quite different from what adapters do to make the console, keyboard, and mouse pairing possible. But all the same, the move will be somewhat welcome and will make the gap between Xbox One and PCs blurrier.

There will be several benefits when this feature is implemented. For one thing, a keyboard and mouse is needed for a high-level play because the player has more buttons to deal with for switching between weapons or using abilities in such a way that the person holding a joystick cannot match. Conclusively, it is widely believed that playing with a keyboard gives the player an edge that the one wielding a pad when playing doesn’t have.