Kaazi App – Footballers Connect Safely to Clubs

Every year, about 15,000 African football players are looking for opportunities to get professional contracts in Europe. Kaazi app from Nana Yaw Oppong-Mensah is enabling footballers in Ghana and Africa to connect to clubs safely.

According to Nana Yaw, the app is designed to satisfy the needs of players in Africa who need visibility, a standardized and safe platform where they can easily connect to football clubs. The app creates a new ecosystem that works for football players and their communities.

The app will create more opportunities for millions of African football talents who dream of becoming the next football stars, playing for professional football clubs. In this way, they can avoid being victims of shady recruiters.

kaazi app
kaazi app

Nana Yaw, who is a former footballer, has experienced and knows the challenges and pain that his mates in Ghana face each time they try to move to greener pastures. He has experience as a coach and scout in the football industry when he was in England.

Nana said he believes in providing a safe environment for football players to share their profile and football skills directly with verified scouts and football clubs with what he has gone through in life.

The app will launch in August 2021, and it will allow players to upload videos of their skills on Kaazi platform. The kind of CV, the footballers, make on the app is football-related. In addition, they will be able to add information regarding their social, technical, and physical attributes.

Scouts and football clubs who are interested in looking for young talents in Africa. They also need to create their own profiles so that they can be verified users on the app. According to Nana Yaw, Kaazi will be a tool that empowers football players to make informed decisions and also support football players.

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